Feature: 54 Switch Ports We’d Love To See Before The Generation’s Out

Nintendo Switch Ports
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Since 2017, we’ve seen a huge number of ports come to Switch, many of which seemed like impossibilities beforehand. Surprises like Doom (2016), which turned up in the system’s launch year, and 2019’s Witcher 3 showed that while clever optimisation was required, Nintendo’s console could deliver perfectly playable and utterly absorbing portable versions of some of the biggest video games around.

As time wore on and Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen platforms launched, the Switch ports kept coming — the excellent Pentiment has been a particular highlight this year. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Ace Combat 7 and Stray, although recent disappointments such as the Batman Arkham Trilogy show that caution is warranted. The Switch is in its eighth year, and the tech within was hardly bleeding edge in 2017.

Nintendo Switch
She’s got it where it counts, kid — Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

However, there’s still life in the ol’ hybrid yet, and besides, many of the games we’d still love to see ported could run perfectly on the current console. There’s also the matter of over 140 million systems sold, which means a huge addressable audience for developers considering a Switch port in 2024.

So, as we bask in the summer sun in one hemisphere (and settle down for a cosy winter in the other) with the knowledge of a forthcoming official Switch successor announcement, let’s look back for one last blow-out of a ‘Please, Nintendo, can we have some more?’ — a summer round-up of fantastic games we’d still love to see on Switch that remain Missing-In-Action.

You’ll find a mixture of Wii U ports (yes, there are a few still left), some Wii gems that could use the Donkey Kong Country Returns HD treatment, a bunch of third-party classics, plus some personal favourites we just not ready to give up on. We’ve omitted games that are already playable via Nintendo Switch Online, or anything highly likely to show up there (eg. Diddy Kong Racing).

So, we now present our final Switch port wishlist, in alphabetical order. Which coincidentally means we start with a couple of real pipe dreams…

Alan Wake 2

The first Alan Wake is on Switch in remastered form. It’s an unimpressive port, but it signalled Remedy’s interest in the console and sparked our fever dreams that the GOTY-winning sequel might stand a chance of coming over.

What are the chances?

A Control-style Cloud Version? Perhaps, although who really wants that? As much as it pains us, this and the next game on the list feel like they’ll need more power than the current console can muster if they’re to make the jump to Nintendo hardware without severe compromises.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Another 2023 GOTY. Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 struck a nerve with both fans of the series and newcomers, and with both 1 and 2 already on Switch in Enhanced Edition form, completing the BG set would be a treat.

What are the chances?

Very slim – realistically, it’s another one for the ‘Switch 2’ wishlist. If Nintendo’s next console is, as had been suggested, an iterative update on the current hybrid, and if third-party devs are gearing up to hit the ground running with ports that aren’t tenable on the current model, we could be looking at a launch lineup for the ages! Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves with that hypothetical. Compels us, though.

Generally speaking, almost any game that launches with a new console sells well thanks to the limited pool of options for early adopters (there’s a reason why Ubisoft always gets in early doors with something), so if we were a dev of any size, we’d be considering getting stuck in on day one.

Enough pies in skies. Let’s turn to something that the current Switch could run in its sleep.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Not much more to say, really. It feels odd that it’s never been on a Nintendo console, and odd that we’ve had two (excellent) collections but no Symphony.

What are the chances?

There are question marks around the Requiem compilation of Symphony and Rondo of Blood being a Sony exclusive, but we can’t see anything stopping Konami releasing a standard, standalone port. Or, you know, investing in the series’ most celebrated entry and making it available in sparkling form with extras on all platforms.

Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Another classic inexplicably MIA for years, this one was last released on a Nintendo console in 2008 (the DS version). A Chrono Trigger NSO drop would be perfect, but Square knows it could charge for this one. We’d pay for it if we had to — and we wouldn’t be alone.

What are the chances?

You’d assume pretty good! You’d also assume there’s a remake coming at some point, so perhaps Square isn’t eager to muddy the waters with a workaday re-release, even if that would delight millions of fans.

Crow Country

An old-school ode to PlayStation-era Resident Evil and Silent Hill, SFB Games’ survival horror throwback feels like a natural fit on Nintendo’s system, too, although it wasn’t on the menu in May 2024 when it launched elsewhere.

What are the chances?

High. Although, if we were to speculate, we imagine SFB looked at the monster success of its Switch launch game Snipperclips and is prepping Crow Country‘s Nintendo debut for the launch of the next Switch. That would help avoid the game getting lost in the swill that washes even great titles away on the eShop these days.

Again, that’s pure guesswork, but that’s what we’d do.

Disney Afternoon Collection

“Tony! Tony, listen. Picture this: a six-game compilation of Capcom’s Disney games, the NES ones. Digital Eclipse developing, a real slick little collection.”
“What’s not to like! Light the fuse.”
“Way ahead of you, my friend. Paperwork’s drawn up ready for ink. I’m thinking PlayStation, Xbox…”
“Definitely Switch.”
“Er, okay. Xbox, then PlayStation. Must dash to get signatures, then we’re off and running! Laters.”
“Hang on, Dave. Dave, come back. Dave!”

What are the chances?

You’d think 100% — it’s a no-brainer to end all no-brainers. Yet here we are, seven years later, and still nope. If they were part of the Nintendo Switch Online offering, you could understand it. Who knows.

Donkey Konga (GCN)

A fine nomination from our resident Konga-fan Ollie Reynolds. Is there anyone who could resist picking up a Switch-compatible set of DK Bongos?

What are the chances?

Honestly, it’s just about leftfield enough to happen. Alternatively (and more likely, perhaps), Donkey Konga: Jungle Drum Roll is a late-gen arrival collecting old favourites and new tunes in a Switch-exclusive compilation.

Elden Ring

Look, let us dream.

What are the chances?

It’s easy to forget that Elden Ring did launch for PS4 and Xbox One, and the former held up pretty well. We don’t see it ever coming to the current Switch, but we’d be ecstatic to see this masterpiece and its recent DLC bundled on Nintendo’s next console.

El Paso, Elsewhere

A retro-styled, neo-noir, third-person homage-of-sorts to Max Payne, Strange Scaffold’s El Paso, Elsewhere features slow-motion shooting of vampires, and lots of it. There’s no console that wouldn’t benefit from more of that.

What are the chances?

It launched on PC and Xbox in September 2023, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that September 2024 will bring news of other console releases. It’s built in Unity, so it feels like there’s an easy answer to the question of a Switch port.

Excitebots: Trick Racing (Wii)

Excitebots never launched in Europe, so we’ve picked that here. We’re big fans of Excite Truck, though – a straightforward and thoroughly enjoyable arcade-style gem from the early days of the Wii.

What are the chances?

You’d think its great implementation of motion controls and the potential of HD rumble to convey the terrain your trucks are rumbling over would have made this a good fit for Switch already. A straight port or a new entry, we’d gladly take either.

Fallout 3

As with everyone fresh from riding the wave of interest from the recent TV show, we’d love to see a version of Fallout on Switch beyond Shelter. That free-to-play, resource management entry was fine, but didn’t exactly scratch the itch of anyone who’s been exposed to the series proper. We say 3, but New Vegas or Fallout 4 would be great, too.

What are the chances?

Feels remote, unfortunately, but Microsoft is keen to expand its offerings across platforms and Bethesda had plenty of success with Skyrim on Switch. A competent port would be a fairly easy win.

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