Forza Horizon 4 To Be Delisted On Xbox And PC In December 2024

Individual DLC getting delisted today

Forza Horizon 4 To Be Delisted On Xbox And PC In December 2024

Playground Games has announced today that Forza Horizon 4 will officially be getting delisted on Xbox consoles and PC on December 15, 2024. After that date, it’ll no longer be possible to purchase the game digitally on those platforms.

“Due to licensing and agreements with our partners, Forza Horizon 4 will be delisted from digital platforms (Microsoft Store and Steam) on December 15, 2024. This means the game and its additional content will no longer be available for purchase through online stores.”

Before then, all the individual DLC for Horizon 4 is also being delisted today, which means only the Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate versions of the game will remain available for purchase. FH4’s Festival Playlists will be concluding on August 22nd as well, although daily and weekly challenges will allow you to earn Forzathon Points moving forward.

For those who are interested in acquiring Forza Horizon 4 digitally before the December date, it’s been announced that the game will be placed in multiple sales, including one that begins on the Xbox Store on July 14th. Also, if you’re a “full-paid” Xbox Game Pass member and you’ve purchased additional content for FH4 in the past, you’ll be “eligible to receive a game token” that will be distributed via the Xbox Message Center “in the following days”.

“If you played Forza Horizon 4 through Xbox Game Pass and purchased DLC content for it, worry not: by having an active, full-paid (not discounted) Xbox Game Pass subscription on 6/25 you will be eligible to receive a game token if you have purchased any extra content for Forza Horizon 4 through your Xbox Message Center. Codes will start to be delivered in the following days, please bear in mind that it might take a while before you get your token.”

So, it’s disappointing that Forza Horizon 4 is getting delisted for sure, but considering the same thing happened to Forza Horizon 3, we were always expecting this announcement eventually. The good news is that the online servers aren’t being turned off, so you can continue to enjoy Horizon 4’s online content beyond the end of this year.

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