Gabby Petito’s Mom Forgives Her Daughter’s Killer But Drags His Mother: “You Are The Sociopath”

Gabby Petito‘s mother, Nichole Schmidt, is making it clear that she has forgiven Brian Laundrie but not his parents, especially his mother.

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Gabby’s Mother Forgives Her Daughter’s Killer

As The Shade Room previously reported, Brian Laundrie tragically killed his fiancé, Gabby Petito, while they were traveling together. Searchers found Gabby’s remains on September 19, 2021.

Gabby’s mother, Nichole, made an appearance at CrimeCon 2024 in Nashville on Friday (May 31).PEOPLE reports that she spoke candidly about Gabby and eventually shared a few messages for Brian Laundrie and his mom Roberta. She told the crowd that she has forgiven Laundrie and refuses to let his horrible act take control of her life.

“I speak for myself when I say that Brian, I forgive you. I needed to release myself from the chains of anger and bitterness. And I refuse to let your despicable act define the rest of my life,” Schmidt stated.

Schmidt made sure to call out Laundrie’s parents, Roberta and Christopher Laundrie while attending the convention. Following Gabby’s untimely death, her mother has always believed that they were trying to devise an escape plan for Brian.

“As for you, Roberta — I call you out individually because you are evidently the mastermind that shattered your family and mind with your evil ways — I see no empathy in your eyes, no remorse in your heart, and no willingness to take responsibility for your actions,” Nichole Schmidt explained.

Nichole continued to call Roberta out for being a sociopath and said she does not deserve forgiveness for her alleged contributions to her daughter’s death.

“You are the dark. You are the sociopath that everyone fears. The one who appears so innocent and kind, but harbors darkness within your soul. You do not deserve forgiveness. You deserve to be forgotten and dehumanized. You epitomize pure evil,” Nichole said.

Nichole also told the CrimeCon crowd that she never had the chance to face Brian Laundrie in court. Laundrie passed away in November 2021, just two months after Gabby’s death due to suicide.

Gabby’s Parents Awarded In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In November 2022, Gabby Petito’s parents were awarded with $3 million from Brian Laundrie’s estate. According to RadarOnline, Gabby’s family received the payment months after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Brian’s family. The $3 million final judgment was reached one year after Gabby’s remains were found at Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Per The Shade Room, after the announcement of the final judgment, journalist Brian Entin stated that any money gleaned from Laundrie’s estate would go to a foundation created in Gabby’s name,

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