Gen 4’s most underappreciated Pokémon joins the Build-A-Bear lineup and its adorable

Build-A-Bear has a long history of Pokémon plushes, from the first appearance of a wild unstuffed Pikachu back in 2015 all the way to the Eeveelutions released in 2021, there’s been a lot. But now, the latest addition might come as a surprise. 

Bidoof, the generation four normal type (apparently) Mouse Pokémon that somehow evolves into the Beaver Pokémon Bibarel, was first introduced to the franchise way back in Diamond and Pearl. It flew under the radar, for the most part, but secured a place in the hearts of players and has been an underdog fan favorite ever since. 

Gen 4 Pokémon Bidoof is getting an adorable Build-a-Bear release

Bidoof even starred in its own official short film, Bidoof’s Big Stand, back in 2022. This short cemented Bidoof’s place as a Pokémon star and proved incredibly popular, racking up almost four million views on the Official Pokémon YouTube channel.

Now, with the addition of Bidoof to the Build-A-Bear lineup, it can take center stage in your collection and honestly, it’s adorable. 

Sadly, if you’re angling to run straight to your nearest Build-A-Bear store, you’ll have a wasted journey. This plush is an online exclusive, so on the plus side, you can get your hands on him without even moving.

The Build-A-Bear Bidoof bundle will set you back $63 USD, but you get so much more than just Bidoof itself. It also comes with a 5-in-1 sound chip, which plays five different variations of the Mouse Pokémon’s signature sound. You can listen to the sounds on the Build-A-Bear store page, and there’s even one where the Pokémon is giggling, which is either really creepy or incredibly cute, depending on what time of day it is when you hear it. 

You’ll also get some clothes to preserve Bidoofs dignity and prevent a chill.

Bidoof with its Lumberjack shirt on from Build-A-Bear
Image by Destructoid

What better gift for a Mouse-into-Beaver Pokémon than a Lumberjack shirt? Iconic, am I right? There’s also a Bandana, but let’s not pretend here; this is all about the Lumberjack shirt. 

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