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If you enjoyed the storytelling in Griselda, you’ll be pleased to learn that one of the series creators, Doug Miro, also worked on Narcos. Narcos follows the onset of drug trafficking in Colombia and highlights Pablo Escobar’s rise to power. As Escobar builds his fortune dealing cocaine, he runs into trouble with local police and rival dealers.

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Cartel Crew

Griselda Blanco’s youngest and only living son, Michael, was cast in the reality series Cartel Crew in 2019. The VH1 series follows the lives of children raised in families involved in drug-trafficking. Michael and his wife, Marie, are featured in the series along with Kat Flores and Datana Castellanos, who all have ties to the cartel. Tag along while they navigate adulthood while trying to absolve themselves of their past.

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Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

If you want to learn more about drug-trafficking in America, watch Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami. This documentary follows two friends, Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon, who drop out high school and become kingpins in Miami. At the height of their careers, they were indicted for smuggling 75 tons of cocaine into America. Cocaine Cowboys uses exclusive interviews and archival footage to tell their stories.

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Power is a fictional series starring Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a powerful businessman who lives a double life. When he’s not managing his nightclub, Truth, Ghost can be found supplying drugs to New York’s wealthiest residents. His side gig goes south when Ghost decides he wants to live a clean, crime-free lifestyle. In order to keep his family safe, he has to cut ties with the city’s most ruthless criminals, which proves to be more difficult than he imagined.

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Ozark follows Marty Byrde, a financial planner who—for lack of a better way to phrase it—gets into some deep shit. When his money-laundering scheme fails, Byrde becomes the enemy of a dangerous cartel. He moves his family from Chicago to the Ozarks to keep them safe, but he has to find a way to repay his debts before it’s too late.

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Queen of the South

Queen of the South is a love story with a wild twist. The series follows Teresa Mendoza, an ordinary woman who falls in love with a cartel member. It’s all fine until he winds up dead, leaving Teresa in grave danger. She moves from Mexico to America and swears to avenge her lover’s death, but along the way, she starts her own drug-trafficking empire. As she grows more successful, Teresa learns what her boyfriend never taught her: power and sacrifice go hand in hand.

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John Singleton’s final project, Snowfall, takes a look at the ’80s cocaine epidemic. Set in Los Angeles, the series follows Lucia, the daughter of a marijuana dealer who introduces her family to cocaine. She’s convinced the new drug will take their business to the next level. Instead, it drags them into an ongoing battle with Franklin, a power-hungry entrepreneur, Gustavo, a pro-wrestler with ties to a cartel, and Teddy, a crooked cop who wants in.

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Breaking Bad

You know the story by heart: high school chemistry teacher Walter White is desperate for cash. His wife is pregnant and expecting soon—and his family is racking up medical debt, helping their son battle cerebral palsy. In order to make money quickly, White uses his scientific knowledge to turn an RV into a meth lab. The scheme works… but it leads to dire consequences.

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