Homeless Couple Rejects Work and Lives in a Tent, Saying That Working Isn’t for Them

«Homelessness isn’t wrong if you’re looking at it from our perspective,» the couple said. They, known for documenting their tent life, have sparked controversy by calling their street lifestyle a «flex» and relying on donations and hotel amenities. Let’s see what’s happening.

Their outspoken views have led to backlash.

Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna, a couple from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA, gained attention when they announced their decision to use the term «houselessness» instead of «homelessness» on Sunday (March 3). With 166K followers on TikTok, Leland and Breanna shared a video from their tent, explaining their perspective.

They asserted that «houselessness is a flex» and clarified that they weren’t dehumanizing homeless individuals. In the viral clip, which garnered 130K+ views, Breanna elaborated on how their rough living conditions had equipped them with «strong surviving skills» that others may lack. Leland chimed in, acknowledging that the term «homeless» often carries negative connotations with it, prompting them to prefer «houselessness» instead.

Eventually, they set up for GoFundMe.

The couple’s video stirred up diverse reactions, with one commenter highlighting the importance of financial stability as the ultimate «flex,» while another emphasized the significance of personal choice and autonomy in one’s lifestyle.

Another person shared their own experience, cautioning that while being homeless might seem appealing in youth, it becomes less desirable as one grows older. Meanwhile, Leland and Breanna have set up a GoFundMe page to support their minimalist lifestyle, raising $162 out of their $10,000 goal so far.

They explained that they’ve chosen to live simply to achieve their financial goals more quickly.

They believe that by living within their means now, they can secure a better future for Leland Jr.’s son, who is the center of their world. Leland Jr. dreams of being able to spend even more quality time with his son, cherishing the moments they share every weekend.

After their eviction, Leland and Breanna sought refuge in a tent in the woods, but heavy snowfall damaged their shelter, as reported. Thankfully, a kind-hearted individual stepped in, offering to replace their tent and provide accommodation at a local Holiday Inn.

The reasons for Leland and Breanna’s homelessness remain unclear.

Older videos show Leland working at McDonald’s and a hotel, as well as living in a house. However, in a previous video, the couple stated they had no plans to get a job, claiming they were «too smart for that.»

One person commented, suggesting that Leland and Breanna’s lifestyle is more about wanting to live for free rather than being «homeless by choice.» What do you think?

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