Horizon rumored to be getting the Lego treatment with aptly named Lego Horizon Adventures

Remember the rumours of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn getting a PlayStation 5 remaster? No such project has been formally confirmed, but the newest Horizon related rumour says we’re instead getting some kind of Lego spin-off.

A trademark for something called Lego Horizon Adventures was recently discovered by Twitter user Kurakasis, the same person who uncovered the title of Microsoft’s Indiana Jones game before its official reveal. Shortly afterwards, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson claimed to have heard from his own sources that this is referring to what was only described as “Horizon Forbidden West but Lego.” The only other detail Henderson added was that the game will have “realistic graphics,” which is strange for a Lego game.

LEGO Horizon Adventures

This is the name of the project that is going to be announced at the upcoming PlayStation event

I don’t know if it’s a game

— Kurakasis (@Kurakasis) May 16, 2024

As bizarre as the concept may sound, Sony and Lego did collaborate on an official Lego set based on the Horizon series. Plus, not too long ago, Lego entered a big partnership with Epic Games for Lego Fortnite, which suggests the Lego company is still looking to expand for new ways to expand into gaming. Henderson hasn’t mentioned, though, whether Lego Horizon Adventures would recreate the original Forbidden West‘s gameplay or be more in line with previous Lego titles like Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Assuming such a project exists, it could potentially make an appearance at the similarly rumoured PlayStation showcase that’s supposedly happening soon. It’s been suggested one will take place before the end of May, and it’s not unreasonable to assume that’s the case. Sony held a big gaming showcase in May 2023 as well, and we are coming up to what was once E3 season; the time of year where publishers share big gaming announcements.

Sony’s first-party output is also looking incredibly slim. Aside from live service title Concord (which is aiming for a 2024 launch), Sony has no other first-party exclusives on its release schedule, with the likes of Insomniac’s Wolverine game and Bungie’s Marathon reboot lacking any sort of launch window. Lego Horizon Adventures would at least be something, though probably not what most PS5 owners are asking for.

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