Horseshoe Robbery Victim Says Casinos Should Boost Garage Security

A Maryland casino crime victim has shared his story, hoping that it would urge casinos to boost the security at their parking lots. In an interview with Fox45 News, the man said that he is glad to be alive.

The news outlet referred to the man as Justin. The man was recently robbed at the garage of the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

The incident occurred at around 3 o’clock in the morning this Saturday, Justin said. As he was going into the stairwell, he heard a bit of noise behind him. Before he knew it, he had not one but two guns pointed at his face and was told to put his hands up.

Justin described the robbers as two masked men with hoodies and guns. According to him, the criminals told him to give them everything he had. Terrified for his life, the man had no choice but to comply.

In his interview with Fox45, Justin said:

My life isn’t worth my keys, my wallet and I had a watch on. That was about it.


Justin added that he was fears that he could have lost his life and was baffled that this happened on private property. He believes that Horseshoe Casino should have at least some patrolling security. Instead, the property only has a few guards checking for IDs on the inside.

According to Justin, the areas of real terror, such as the garages, are completely undefended. He hopes that what he went through will become a precedent for heightened casino security.

Speaking of casino crime, the man who stabbed another person at Muckleshoot Casino is currently held on a $5 million bond. To make matters worse, the victim was not even the person the criminal was looking for. Reports say that he was looking for someone but after not finding them, decided to kill someone else. Unfortunately, the victim passed away on the casino floor.

The violent murderer now risks life in prison.

Elsewhere, a NSW man now risks a sentence for the murder of a frail gambling addict. According to the prosecution, the victim owed money and was beaten fatally by men who visited him to give him a “touch-up.”

The alleged killer’s lawyer, however, argued that his client was actually at the victim’s house to help him after the beating.

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