I Gave Birth to My Son 5 Years Ago, and Now I Want to Do a DNA Test on Him, Here’s Why

When it goes about parenthood, there are cases when spouses arrange a DNA test for their kids, and a lot of family drama has happened because of it. While it’s the most common for men to insist on a paternity test, there are cases when a mother of a kid initiates it. Such thing happened to our today’s protagonist, a woman, who’s a mom to 3 kids and who is absolutely sure she must do a DNA test for her son. She told us her story in a letter.

An anonymous woman wrote a letter to our editorial.

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A woman, 35, who preferred to stay anonymous, told us her story that may boggle the minds of many. She opened her letter, saying, “Hi Bright Side, I know that you are a very popular and trustworthy source, where many people can freely express their opinions on different situations. I used to comment under many people’s posts on your page, giving them advice and sharing my points of view on some things that people shared in your stories. Now, I’m the one who needs an opinion from your audience, because I am in a situation which I can hardly speak about to anyone from my family.”

The woman started her story, saying, “I have been happily married to my husband for over 10 years now. We have 3 kids. My husband and I were extremely happy when we found out that we’re pregnant again 5 years ago. Kids are something that we can’t imagine a happy family without, so we were all anticipation about our new family member to arrive.”

The woman’s pregnancy journey was quite tough.

The woman goes on with her story, revealing, “My pregnancy was a high-risk one, with a severe chance of miscarriage and complications. Doctors were seriously worried about my health during the whole time that I was carrying my child. I tried to stay calm and, with an immense support from my husband, I somehow managed to think only about good things and have a quite optimistic mind.”

Then, the woman wrote about the long-awaited birth of her baby. She wrote, “My high-risk pregnancy resulted in a quite tough delivery process. There were some complications when my little son was born, so they whisked him away from us for a while before we even saw him. It got really, really weird, because I started having some doubts at that moment.”

The woman shared her concerns about her baby.

Our heroine wrote, “They brought our baby boy back to us finally, and it’s so painful to admit, but I looked at him and crystal clear thought, ’Whose child is this???’ I’ve never told anyone about this thought, but it keeps chasing me all this time.”

The woman explained, “I felt absolutely guilty of that flash of a thought, but I just couldn’t let it go. I was groggy and a tad of brainless from everything, but still it sliced through my mind. They tucked a super chubby, super cute, super lovable and squeezable baby into my arms. But my baby boy looked nothing like any of my other kids when they were born. Or any of the other babies in our extended family.”

The woman added, “Our kids were all fair skinned, slim and long. Our boy was super pudgy, darker skinned and adorable, but I had a huge brain disconnect when they handed him to me. Fast-forward many, many years, he just has no familial traits.”

The woman has some thoughts about her son and she just can’t let them go.

The woman shared, “None of my children look much alike, yet you can trace some similarities between them. But I can’t find any similarities between my youngest boy’s demeanor or physical structure and the rest of the entire extended family.
Not eyes, not lips, not smile, not hands, not feet, not even personality or anything else. Obviously, this often happens to families, but I’ve always wondered. And I love him insanely. Again, fast-forward many years to today, and my son was just diagnosed with a heartbreaking disease.”

The woman revealed, “It’s something you would think would show up somewhere else in the family but no. So now I can’t help wondering if he’s not mine and whether I should secretly try to get a DNA test to see if he might be someone else’s child to see if we can learn about other possible health issues.
But I don’t really know what I’ll do with the information. What can happen if I learn my boy is not mine? Should I just try to get the family history? Should I tell him? Should I tell the family? Should I go after the hospital?”

And here’s a woman, whose partner asked her to do an urgent DNA test on their baby. The woman agreed, but she immediately made a decision on what she’ll do when the results of the test come.

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