I Want My Ex-Husband’s New Wife to Stay Far Away From Our Kids After I Noticed a Huge Red Flag About Her

Our reader, a 35-year-old woman, has a strong urge to protect her kids from another lady. She penned us a letter and shared her story, which sounded like a real cry for help.

The topic which the woman raised is very sensitive for all sides of the conflict. But the worried mom wants to know our readers’ opinions about her situation, where her children and her ex-husband’s new wife are involved. She told us the details of the conflict, and here is her emotional story.

Sarah and her husband Mike divorced in a very civil way.

Sarah, 35, shared her complex and emotional story with us. The woman sounded very frustrated, and her anxiety could be felt through the lines of her letter. Sarah is torn by many controversial thoughts, and she wants to avoid a conflict as much as she can.
But her kids’ safety and well-being are at stake, and the worried mom can’t ignore the obvious problem anymore. Sarah wanted to know if our readers would think she’s right in her decisions, or if she’s strongly overreacting to a harmless thing happening in her family.

The woman opened her letter, saying, “My husband and I had been married for 13 years before we divorced 2 years ago. We have two kids, who’re 13 and 8 years old now. We split up in a very tolerant and mild way, without any scandals, mutual regrets and blames.
Both Mike and I have been doing our best to help our kids come to terms with our divorce, we show them how we both love them and how we both still respect each other. We’re really good friends with my ex, and everything between us has been perfect so far.”

Mike has a new wife and Sarah was happy about it.

Sarah goes on with her story, saying, “Last year, Mike got married again. His new wife, Emma, is a beautiful young woman, who really loves him. I found out about their relationship as soon as it started, and I was happy that Mike succeeded in his love life. I need to mention that we don’t have any feelings for each other and there’s no jealousy from both sides when it goes about us building our new relationships with other people.”

“For me personally, the main concern has always been how our kids would communicate and get along with our new partners. Since Mike created a new family earlier than I did, his new wife became an object for my direct attention from the first moment when she met our kids. But I didn’t have reasons to worry, because Emma wanted to be friends with them, and she seemed to be doing her best to bond with the kids in the most cordial way possible.
I didn’t object about their warm relationship, the kids were allowed to go to their place and stay there as long as they wanted. They all went on vacations together and spent nice time, which I thought was cool. Everything was fine, up until one day, when I made a shocking discovery about my ex’s new wife.”

It drove Sarah mad and anxious.

Sarah wrote, “Recently, I opened Facebook to check the profile of my oldest son. I then found Emma’s page and discovered that this woman has been continuously posting pictures of my children. This was more or less fine, but the posts are including their full names, pictures of their jerseys that reveal where we live and the worst of all is that she’s been tagging locations of where they are, constantly. She’s been posting all of that to her very public Facebook page.”

“I was raging after I discovered this appalling online behavior. Since then, I’ve asked her multiple times for this to stop. Emma always says it will, but I open it up and there are pictures of my 8-year-old daughter in a swimming suit, on her again very public page.”

Sarah is desperate about the whole situation.

Sarah wrote, “I lost it on her over it. Emma told me I’m being unreasonable, I’m stupid, it’s not a big deal, etc. This is actually the ONLY request I have ever made. I asked her not to post my kids.
The big problem is that Emma doesn’t even filter her friends’ list (she has over 6,000 friends), and her profile is not private in any way. We are not friends on Facebook (she deleted and blocked me when I asked that the posts with my kids must be taken down), but since she unblocked me, I can see everything she’s posted (we’re still not friends on Facebook and absolutely everyone can see her content).”

The woman is desperate about the situation, and she confessed, “I called Emma recently and asked her not to approach my kids anymore. Mike was furious when he found out that I forbade his wife to communicate with our children, but I feel that I need to protect my kids from Emma’s light-minded behavior.
I might be the worst person on Earth with the way that I reacted — but I don’t feel it was over the line. Mike continues to defend her actions. Am I being unreasonable? If her page was private/truly aware of her friends’ list, I don’t think I would mind it as much, but it is not, and she clearly doesn’t care who sees what she’s posting.”

And here’s yet another concerned mom, who wants her ex-husband’s girlfriend to leave their little daughter alone and to never approach her again. The woman was utterly shocked after she discovered that her ex’s new girlfriend went too far in her relationship with their daughter.

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