If There Was A ‘Pretty Privilege’ In The Animal World, These Critters Would Be Getting All The Luxuries

In no particular order, here are the animals that could get away with anything simply because they’re really pretty:

Author’s note: The concept of pretty privilege more than likely exists among different animal species — see: the male peacock. Unfortunately, I’m not well-versed in animal communication (although that would be so cool). So, this is not based on any biology or food chain, just vibes! 


Let’s start with a quokkas

A quokka stands on its hind legs outdoors, surrounded by branches and foliage. The quokka is looking directly at the camera

Polina Borzova / Getty Images/500px

I’ve never seen a picture of a quokka that wasn’t cute. (If there are scary ones, please do not send them to me…I have a fear of rodents). Their cuteness factor is comparable to that of Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

From their always prim and proper hand placement to their plump shape, and eternally happy expressions, they unquestionably have pretty privilege. 

They could get away with: Taking over the world without us knowing


Couldn’t leave out the squeaky creatures of the sea — dolphins

Two dolphins kiss with noses touching while partially submerged in the water. Palms and greenery are visible in the background

Stephen Frink / Getty Images

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures and they just look like loads of fun. They love to talk — not just to humans, but to everyone under the sea. Pretty, chatty, smart and funny? Who wouldn’t let them get their way?!

They would get away with: Scamming people 


Cocker spaniels

A white and brown cocker spaniel stands on a rocky surface by a body of water, looking to the right with its mouth open

Yuriy Kozak / Getty Images

These regal looking pups have the same vibe as the unattainable love interest in a rom-com. They’re effortlessly beautiful. Their coats are so shiny. They look glossy from every angle. 

Cocker spaniels seem like they belong in Genovia with Queen Mia Thermopolis of Princess Diaries, perched upon a red and gold dog bed. 

They could get away with: Stealing the love of your life 


Abyssinian cats

Cat lying down on a sunlit floor, looking intently at the camera

Vera Chitaeva / Getty Images

Have you ever stared into someone’s eyes and thought, “Wow!” and then forgotten what you were saying? I’m going to start calling that the Abyssinian effect, because look at those blinkers! 

An Abyssinian cat’s eyes are like glimmering stained glass windows — exquisite, mesmerising, and full of wonder.

They could get away with: Stealing your wallet by staring you down



A group of flamingos stand in shallow water, some resting on one leg. The focus is on one flamingo preening its feathers with its beak

Larry Mingledorff / Getty Images/500px

If there were influencers in the animal world, flamingoes would make up a big majority of them. Their pink hue would convince people to let them skip queues, send gifts and take photos of them wherever they went. 

They can get away with: Asking for free products from small businesses only to never post about them 


This one seems obvious: butterflies

Gomezdavid / Getty Images, EDD Sylvia Nenntwich/Pexels

The term “social butterfly” comes from somewhere, right? Actual butterflies seem like your typical cool person in any high school coming-of-age movie. Clearly, their popping colours and fluttering movements would translate into top tier social status, IRL.

They could get away with: Social manipulation


Adding to obvious picks — peacocks

A vibrant peacock with its feathers fully fanned out, showcasing the intricate eye patterns on its tail

David Lopez Pelaz / Getty Images

Fans of feathers and cool-toned colours could catch anyone’s eye. The peacock know it catches attention. 

If they had a role in a heist movie, they would be the bait that lures the attention of the security guards away from the vault they’re supposed to be watching.

They could get away with: Stealing an expensive Cartier necklace from Anne Hathaway’s neck at the Met Gala (see: the entire plot for Ocean’s 8)


Snow leopards

A close-up of a young snow leopard with light spots on its fur, looking slightly to the side, with a rocky background

Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photogr / Getty Images

Obviously Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of Dragons, but a snow leopard more accurately fits her wardrobe, IMO. They’re unbothered, fierce and fabulous in looks and hunting abilities. 

You’d never want to get into a staring competition with a snow leopard; they’d simply hypnotise you with their eyes. 

They could get away with: Eating your lunch from the work fridge


Sea otters

A sea otter floats on its back in the water, with its front paws pressed together near its face, appearing as if it is clapping or praying

Mark Newman / Getty Images

There’s something so polished about sea otters. Not only are they insanely adorable, they also seem like they could fiercely walk the catwalk. 

They could get away with: A pyramid scheme


Betta fish (AKA Siamese fighting fish)

A Betta fish swims near plants and a wooden structure in an aquarium

Cmersoy / Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you’ve ever wanted to see a fish wearing a gown, find a Betta species. These water creatures come in a variety of bright colours with long, lustrous fins that mimic the bottom of a dress. Watching Betta fish swim is a mesmerising feat. 

They could get away with: Getting into fights 


The ever-so-colourful gouldian finch

A brightly colored Gouldian finch perches on a branch, showcasing its vibrant feathers

Darren_sutherland / Getty Images/RooM RF

Just look at this majestic flier, the master of colour blocking. Not only does it soar through the skies, it looks good while doing it. 

They could get away with: Borrowing your clothes and never returning them



Two clownfish swimming among sea anemone tentacles

Reinhard Dirscherl / Getty Images

Clownfish cop a lot of praise. Why? Well, there’s a whole true crime movie about them. Yes, I’m talking about Finding Nemo. Maybe this isn’t pretty privilege, after all, but rather: star power! 

Marlin and Nemo’s impact on all clownfish since 2003 has brought the species into this category simply because they’re so recognisable, and that’s iconic. 

They can get away with: Misplacing their loved ones


Highland cattle

A Highland cow with long hair and large curved horns stands in a grassy field at sunset

Lesley Gracie / Getty Images/500px

There’s something about highland cattle that gives off high-fashion. Perhaps it’s the combination of rounded ears and angled horns gives them that appeal. It could be the wooly fringe that covers their eyes. 

They could get away with: Leaving work whenever they want



A black panther is looking directly at the camera with a serious expression. Its fur is sleek and shiny, and its eyes are focused and intense

Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photogr / Getty Images

Panthers are constantly giving off a mysterious aura. You want to approach them with questions at all times, but they seem like the type to offer a cryptic, one word answer. 

They could get away with: Ghosting anyone they’ve ever had feelings for


And finally, Gru’s greatest find…

Universal Pictures

I don’t think this one require an explanation…(I really like Minions)

They could get away with: Spitting in people’s food

Which animals do you think would have pretty privilege?

Share your suggestions in the comments. 

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