Instagram Reels is Privately Taking ‘Spins’ for a Test Drive

instagram reels spins

Photo Credit: Claudio Schwarz

Instagram Reels is internally testing a ‘Spins’ feature that would allow you to swap out the audio or text in someone else’s video to create your own memes.

First identified by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on a “Spins” feature for its short-form video Reels, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The feature, which is an internal prototype not being tested outside the company, would enable other users to swap out the audio or text in someone’s Reels.

This functionality, were it widely released, seems like a way for users to start trends and memes by creating templates for easy use by other people. Creators would evidently get credit for their original Reels each time someone creates a Spin on it, with Instagram’s verbiage explaining that “for every spin added, you will reach their audience.” Paluzzi’s screenshot, shared on social media, also indicates that users would have the option to toggle off Spins for specific Reels before they’re published.

Although the differences might not be immediately apparent, Spins isn’t to be confused with Reels’ existing “Remix” feature, which is Instagram’s take on TikTok’s Duets. Remixing enabling you to appear in a video alongside an original one to offer reactions, commentary, or to sync up movements like dance trends.

Interestingly, should Spins see release, the functionality would provide Instagram Reels — ostensibly the company’s answer to TikTok — with something that TikTok doesn’t yet offer. That would be a major move for the Meta-owned Instagram, for which Reels has been a bandaid solution to TikTok rule in the short-form media kingdom.

Since it’s only an internal prototype, it remains to be seen whether Instagram plans to launch Spins to the public. But with TikTok’s future in the US uncertain, it would be a perfect time for Instagram Reels to wow its users with some shiny new features — and encouraging them to make memes would be a smart way to generate more engagement on the platform.

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