Jon Stewart to Host Live ‘Daily Show’ Presidential Debate Specials

Jon Stewart is making an exception to his “only Mondays” hosting rule. “The Daily Show” will host two live episodes hosted by Stewart timed to the upcoming presidential debates.

The first one, which will take place between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, will take place on Thursday, June 27. It will be followed by a second live show on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

This is all part of ongoing 2024 election coverage of “The Daily Show” which the Comedy Central show has dubbed “Indecision 2024.” As part of its coverage, the series will also tape a full week of shows at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee from July 15-18 as well as a full week at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago between August 19-22.

The series also recently released a “Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse” special, which focused on MAGA supporters’ and their ‘ recent (and surprising) embrace of Russian President Vladimir Putin. These specials continue a trend for “The Daily Show,” which has been one of the most politically outspoken shows on late night since Stewart took over the series in 1999.

“Honestly, the vibe at ‘The Daily Show’ is great right now. We’ve been through some evolutions over the last few years, and to get Jon back steadied the ship for us,” Klepper told TheWrap in May. “We were looking for a way we could buckle down and focus on, ‘How are we going to approach this [election year]?’ Immediately Jon comes back into the building with a clear point of view. He has his history, and he has an excitement to attack the news.”

After a year of revolving hosts, Stewart returned to “The Daily Show” in February. Under his current contract, Stewart will host the show on Mondays throughout the election and will remain an executive producer for all episodes through 2025. He will have the option to continue to EP after that time.

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