Julio Foolio Ambushed In Surveillance Footage From Morning Of Deadly Shooting

Trigger warning: The article and video attached contain gun violence.

Julio Foolio‘s untimely demise was captured on camera, and has been officially released.

TMZ released the surveillance footage on Wednesday (July 3) showing the Southern artist being ambushed at a Holiday Inn in Tampa, where a masked man could be seen approaching Foolio’s car.

The unknown assailant began firing off a flurry of shots at point-blank range, with what appears to be a semi-automatic rifle, at around 4 AM EST on June 23. Julio’s car then hits a curb as he attempts to flee, which prompts additional gunfire from another shooter in the distance. While Julio Foolio was killed in the attack, three other vehicle passengers survived with non-life-threatening injuries. The attackers managed to flee the scene of the shooting.

WFLA reported that Tampa law enforcement confirmed the time of the shooting occurred at 4 AM. Authorities also revealed that there were two cars involved in the attack that left Foolio dead.

“What we have learned, and this is early in the investigation, two cars were shot at,” Officer Joneé Lewis, of the Tampa Police Department, said at the time of the shooting. “The victim in this morning’s shooting is believed to be Charles Jones.”

Julio Foolio was killed on Monday (June 24) while celebrating his 26th birthday in Tampa. After being kicked out of an Airbnb, Foolio reportedly stayed at a Holiday Inn. Lewis Fusco, the rising rapper’s attorney, stated that the artist was “ambushed” in the parking lot, resulting in his untimely demise. Before his birthday party, Jones promoted the party’s address on his IG Story and X/Twitter.

“Mr. Jones had been in Tampa to celebrate his birthday over the weekend,” Fusco said in a statement. “Law enforcement reports indicate that he initially stayed at an Airbnb but was asked to leave due to exceeding occupancy limits. He subsequently relocated to the Holiday Inn, where he was involved in an incident in the hotel parking lot and reportedly ambushed.”

Watch the video above.

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