Kristen Doute’s Nipple-Pinching Drama on The Valley Explained

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Jesse Lally might want to pump the brakes on getting handsy with his costars.

After The Valley star allegedly touched costar Kristen Doute‘s breast during a party at Jax Taylor‘s house on the Bravo series’ March 19 premiere, fallout from the incident played out on the latest episode.

“So, when we were waiting to get tattoos, Jess was standing there and like, ‘I’m nice! I’m nice!'” Kristen recounted to Jax during the March 26 episode. “I was like, ‘Like hell you are.’ He was standing so close to me so I went like that to him and he pinched back and grabbed my nipple.”

Cut to flashback footage of the playful moment in which Jesse reacted, “Ow! My godd–m, f–king nipple!” before he reached for Kristen’s chest.

Of the moment, Kristen added, “I was like, ‘We’re not that close, bro,'” to which Jax replied, “That’s like you going and grabbing his d–k.”

Later, Kristen told her boyfriend Luke Broderick about the incident and he was not happy.

“There’s so much wrong with that,” he told the Vanderpump Rules alum. “That is not OK.”

In a confessional, Luke explained why Jesse’s actions made his blood boil.

Felix Kunze/Bravo

“To me, when a person is willing to do that and cross that line, you don’t know where that line exists with them,” he noted. “If she had slapped him because he did that, would he have slapped her back?”

Things came to a head during a guys night out when Luke eventually confronted Jesse about the drama. As for the former model’sresponse?

“I’ll be completely honest with you, I don’t remember her touching me or grabbing my nipple and I don’t remember doing it to her,” he told Luke. “I’m not saying it’s a lie…”

Luke then interrupted, “Well, there’s no question about if it did or didn’t happen. There’s no question for me because I 100 percent trust my girlfriend.”

However, despite having no recollection of the interaction, Jesse said sorry to Luke and promised he’d make things right with Kristen, to which the Sex, Love, and What Else Matters co-host reacted, “Own up to it and apologize and you owe Kristen an apology after this too.”

See the drama continue to play out when The Valley airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading to meet the entire cast.

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Jax Taylor

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Brittany Cartwright

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Kristen Doute

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Luke Broderick

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Janet Caperna

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Jason Caperna

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Michelle Lally

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Danny Booko 

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Nia Booko 

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Jasmine Good

Felix Kunze/Bravo

Zack Wickham

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