Ludacris Gives Milwaukee Fans Free Concert After Show Gets Canceled

The initial event was canceled due to weather conditions, but Luda said the show must go on.


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Ludacris gave his fans in Milwaukee a treat after their show was canceled due to weather conditions. The Atlanta icon gave an impromptu performance on Saturday (June 22), as the Wisconsin city’s heavy rain and thunderstorms caused safety concerns.

As the show had to go on, Luda took to the 3rd St. Market Hall and performed on speaker while walking on the streets.

“My Show In Milwaukee Got Cancelled Last Night Due To Rain & Thunderstorms But I DEFINITELY Wasn’t Leaving The City Without Touching The People,” he announced in an Instagram post recapping the performance. “Shouts to @stevedastoner4149 for the #freeconcert inspiration.”

The “Get Back” MC’s latest philanthropic effort follows his latest accolade of winning his first-ever Webby Award for his performance during the Atlanta Falcons Hip-Hop 50 celebration in 2023.

At the time, he took to Instagram to thank his fans for the honor. “I just received word that I’ve received a Webby Award — the Internet’s highest honor,” he said. “For rappelling down from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. I’m blown away, because I wanted to do this sh*t anyways.”

“So thank you to the Falcons. And thank you to everybody involved,” he added. “Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a thrill-seeker, knows I’m an adrenaline junkie. And I think it’s dope to be honored for something I’d do any-damn-way.”

The rap vet also recently claimed that he could out-rap JAY-Z if they were given two hours to write a verse. While on Cam Newton’s Funky Friday podcast in May, he was asked about his pen game versus Hov’s. When asked about who would write a better verse, he said, “A verse? I would have to say I would win on that one.”

The former NFL MVP shockingly exclaimed “Hov?!” He added, “I mean that’s a strong statement to say that because Hov is definitely one of my favorites as well.” Luda added, “Verses? Man, I’m just going to go in and… Metaphor and style. In terms of flow, I’m going to kill that sh*t.”

Maintaining his confidence and standing on what he said, he further explained, “And it’s not to say that Hov is not going to kill that sh*t, But, I’m like, when you say sh*t like that and it puts me in a category of, ‘Oh sh*t, I’m going against Hov?’ I got to [go]. Like every f**king word, every line, every style, every flow, every metaphor — I got to go!”

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