Men Confessed Their Casual Sex Stories, And How They Truly Feel About The Whole Ordeal


“I dated a girl for three and a half years. We were engaged, and one day, she said she didn’t love me anymore. I had lost my feeling of self-worth while with her — it was extremely toxic and she gaslit the fuck out of me (she had physically abused me as well). After we split up it took a bit to get my confidence back, but when it did, I went on a spree. I did this on Tinder back in 2015. In three months I had slept with 30 new women and around five exes/old flings. I filled many holes, but none of them filled the hole my ex-fiancé left inside my heart. I was extremely unhappy.”

“I just stopped altogether. I talked with some of my best friends about how unhappy I was, and they reminded me the reason I’m unhappy is because I’ve stagnated. I wasn’t happy because of who I was, not because she left. It was time to reignite the fires and grind it back out career-wise instead of fucking around online. 

My best friend asked me, ‘If you find your forever person, are you in the right state of mind to attract and keep them?’ And honestly, I wasn’t. So I quit my job and went back into my field full-time.

Four months later, I met my now-wife. This is what people mean when they say, ‘Work on yourself.’ If you want to attract a certain kind of person, you need to be someone who would attract them to you in the first place. And then you gotta go out into the world because they’re not going to just fall into your lap.”



And finally, “I’m in my late thirties, and I’ve slept with about 600-700 different women in my life. I have a great career, am financially successful, healthy, in good shape, have a good social circle, and genuinely don’t have any complaints. I never wanted any children of my own (I had a vasectomy a long time ago) and I don’t want to be married. I am ‘intentionally dating’ at this point in my life, but I am realistic about my options. My therapist and I have agreed that at my age, most of the ‘good ones’ (men and women) are taken. Dating becomes substantially harder for this reason. People aren’t as malleable when they’re in their twenties — they’re less likely to deal with what they deem ‘nonsense.’ Usually, people have varying degrees of baggage.”

“Overall, I’m happy in life and I particularly look back on one relationship and kick myself for ending things with her. She was a great woman and I let it go.

I value my solitude, and that’s hard to give up. Given my not wanting kids or marriage, there aren’t many women who will take me seriously for a relationship. I accepted that a long time ago.”


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