MGA’s GREF 2024 Conference Underscored the Importance of Unity in Regulation

The Malta Gaming Authority just hosted the Gaming Regulators European Forum’s (GREF) 2024 conference in Malta. The important event took place from May 20 to 22 and was attended by more than 90 representatives of regulatory bodies from over 25 countries.

This year’s event welcomed regulators from other continents for the first time, expanding the scope of the meeting and providing participants with an important global outlook. The conference was an opportunity for gambling regulators to discuss the latest industry challenges and exchange insights.

Some of the key topics that were discussed at the GREF 2024 included responsible gambling, digital gaming, innovation and AML measures. In addition, regulators discussed MGA’s ESG Code, a geographical approach to gambling and international perspectives on gambling regulation.

According to the MGA’s announcement, the conference proved to be an “excellent platform for networking and collaboration among international stakeholders.”

The event underscored the importance of collaboration between regulators and the creation of a global network of regulatory bodies.

Cooperation Was a Key Topic

GREF’s chair, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin highlighted the importance of cooperation between gambling industry stakeholders. She said that she was honored to open the organization’s 2024 Annual Conference and noted that she is looking forward to establishing a community of regulators.

European regulators cannot be isolated, apart from the other actors. Even if we have specific and unique responsibilities, we need to work with others to propose effective regulation.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, chair, GREF

Charles Mizzi, MGA’s chief executive officer, echoed Falque-Pierrotin’s words, expressing his support of international collaboration between operators. According to him, the complexity of the contemporary industry makes it critical for industry actors, including operators, providers and government bodies, to work together and employ regulations that address the needs of the industry and the players.

As mentioned, another important topic that was discussed was MGA’s Environmental, Social and Governance Code. Anna Grech, MGA’s international affairs & policy outreach manager turned special attention to this topic, delving into the code as a means to acknowledge regulated gambling operators’ sustainability efforts and building upon the positive initiatives in the gaming industry.

Rachel Bezzina, AML manager at the MGA and co-chair at the GREF AML working group, added to the discussion, highlighting the importance of AML and CFT measures. During the conference, she discussed the latest and best practices for effective AML and CFT risk management.

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