Morgan Hudson Opens Up About Her Latest Single/Music Video “Lonely Together”

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Morgan Hudson recently released her new single/music video, “Lonely Together,” featuring blues songsmith Lonnie Britton, a song exploring the struggles of loneliness.

Lonely Together
Morgan Hudson

Along with being the heart and soul of blues rock outfit MoCo, Morgan and Company, Hudson’s solo project revolves around the rich tapestry of country blues.

“Lonely Together” is a duet flavored by Hudson’s velvety smooth voice and Britton’s evocative baritone. Set against the backdrop of rural Carolina charm and allure, the video unfolds with visuals reflecting the song’s introspective narrative.

The video depicts two characters, each confronting the specter of loneliness. Morgan’s character steers through emotional seclusion by focusing her emotions on creativity and discovering who she is. Lonnie’s character falls into the dark chasm of despair, trying to cope by numbing his pain.

Guitar Girl Magazine spoke with Morgan Hudson to discuss the inspiration behind “Lonely Together” and how she connected with Lonnie Britton.

How do you describe your own music?

Real life. I have found it incredibly difficult for me to write a song that I do not have a personal connection with. I like to make music that makes people feel uncomfortably comfortable with whatever emotion they need to feel at that moment. I pour my entire heart and soul into what I create. I make music for the heartbroken, the lovers, the empaths, and I’m not going to stop being honest with my songs, because the truth is- we all feel things sometimes we just don’t know how to say- or want to admit. I’m not always good at saying what I mean, but I can sing it. My style and voice have changed over the years, but my music tends to have a bluesy, singer-songwriter feel with rock and country elements.

What inspired your new single, “Lonely Together?”

Over the last year, I have gone through a significant season of change, and I found myself forced to confront many feelings—one of them being loneliness. New ideas and experiences on my path of self-discovery led to the passion and lyrics behind ‘Lonely Together.’

With “Lonely Together” what was your main focus? What did you really want to try and achieve with this track?

I wanted to show the differences in how people deal with pain and different coping mechanisms. The duet and the music video allow viewers to see how each of the characters cope with loneliness- a common human experience after heartbreak. Every song in existence is a love song in some form. I wanted viewers to feel the various emotions that come with loving or having loved so deeply.

How, where, and when did you come to connect with Lonnie Britton?

Lonnie and I met a little over a year ago at a show of a mutual friend. After that, we were able to pick up a few shows together where we realized that we share the same passion and views on music. When I decided to change my song from a solo to a duet, he was the first person I messaged about singing on the track because I knew he had a powerful blues vocal, and I thought our voices would work well in telling the narrative.

How did you get started in music? 

I’ve been singing since I can remember. My dad was a drummer, and his side of the family was very musical. I grew up going to an old country church where my dad played drums, aunts and uncles and other family members sang and played guitars, banjos, mandolins – you name it, they could play it or figure out how to play it. I always loved singing. I took piano lessons at an early age and loved that too, but when my dad bought me a real guitar when I was 11, that is when I taught myself how to play so I could put music behind the songs I had been writing and the stories I wanted to tell.

Which singers/musicians influenced your sound?

Jack White is my all-time favorite musician. I respect his versatility and his approach to music. He can do it all -rock, blues, folk- and he can do it all very well. He has been a musician who has inspired me to ‘let the music tell me what to do’ and allowed me to not be afraid to challenge myself musically. I am also highly motivated by female pioneers such as Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

What kind of guitar do you play?

Right now, I play a black matte Martin X series for most of my shows. I have a backup Alvarez that I also really love as well that I have customized the fretboard with bat-wing inlays. I practice often on my burnt orange Epiphone Dove Pro which was a gift from my mom many years ago.

What is your definition of tone? And is your tone evolving?

I love a lot of full-body, really woody low-end when I play my acoustic guitar. I have a natural tendency to do a lot of hammer-ons and pull-offs when I play, giving my songs a bluesy-rock feel.

What can you share about your creative process?

My songs start with poems 99% of the time. I have a feeling that comes across me or an idea I can’t get out of my head, and I type out lyrics on my phone and save them. Next, I will pick up the guitar or the keys and I will play a melody I think fits the vibe and emotion of the song and I add from there.

Which do you enjoy the most: writing, recording, practicing, or playing live?  

What a tough question to answer! Writing is always exciting because you are literally creating something that didn’t exist just a few minutes ago, which is always fun! Playing live though – that’s where my heart is. I have yet to experience anything quite like being on stage, singing to a crowd of people, and having them vibe with words that I have written, and melodies I have created, all because of feelings and experiences I had that were intense. I like to use those intense experiences and translate that passion to the stage.

Based on your own experiences and lessons learned, what guiding principles or words of wisdom would you share with aspiring artists looking to carve out their path in music?

Play the music you want to play. Write the music you want to write. Passion goes a long way. The scariest part is just deciding to go for it and do it. Once you’ve taken that leap, there’s no looking back. Music will never leave you. Treat it like your best friend and it will be good to you.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a new album at Nash Studios in Greenville, NC that I’m super stoked about. New music. Unexpected collaborations. New festivals and venues. Life is good and I am grateful.

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