Music Video Premiere: NEDY’s Inspirational Message with her Lyric Video for new single “Humble Yourself”

We are thrilled to premiere the lyric video for “Humble Yourself,” the latest single from rising inspirational pop singer-songwriter NEDY. This empowering anthem delivers a compelling message of self-love and resilience, urging listeners to embrace their unique qualities and rise above societal pressures and bullying.

Inspired by NEDY’s own experiences, “Humble Yourself” is a testament to the importance of maintaining one’s self-worth and dignity, no matter the challenges faced. As NEDY continues to champion her anti-bullying cause through her music and the Friends Forever Club non-profit, this single serves as a beacon of hope and strength for all. Dive into the inspiring visuals and let NEDY’s powerful message uplift you.

“Humble Yourself” emerged from my experiences of being bullied by co-workers and managers at the restaurant where I was employed. It’s a reminder that everyone deserves respect and dignity, regardless of appearances or beliefs. Despite their treatment of me, my message in the song is that we all share the same inherent value as human beings.

I founded the Friends Forever Club to create a supportive community for individuals impacted by bullying. Whether they’ve personally faced bullying or have a connection to someone who has, our goal is to offer friendship and a listening ear to those who feel outcasted or just need someone to confide in.

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girl laying on ground next to guitarAbout NEDY:
There have always been those whose hearts dance to the beat of a different drum, those who see the world differently, and those who find our differences far more beautiful than our similarities. NEDY is one of those people. Armed with an enchanting spirit and stunning musical talent, NEDY is an inspirational pop artist poised to lead her loyal fandom into a brighter future. Her first single, “Made to Be,” was the cornerstone to a new chapter in her career, in which her artistic soul never again tries to mold into someone else’s expectations. With the release of her follow-up single “FUEL,” NEDY hit her musical stride. Her latest release, “Humble Yourself,” continues her strong anti-bullying stance, providing light and life to those who haven’t been treated kindly – giving both inspiration and direction to help and healing.

About the FFC:
Friends Forever Club is an anti-bullying 501(c)(3) non-profit created to end childhood bullying through gentle discussion and exists as a friend to those confronted with hatred first-hand. This club is a safe space for children and youth but also adults alike with self-doubt fueled by the trauma of bullying; it is a place to be heard and a place to be understood. Being a part of the FFC means you’re ‘in with the outcasts.’ Through partnerships with various anti-bullying organizations, events, and an online discussion presence, Friends Forever Club extends a helping hand to all who feel alone and are mistreated by others. At Friends Forever Club, no one is lonely, no one is judged for the unique human they were made to be, and everyone has a friend. With a group of like-minded individuals whose main goal is spreading love and positivity to those who need it most, all will be set on a path toward continued self-love and appreciation for life. Friends Forever Club is growing into a leading force in the anti-bullying movement for the good of humankind.

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