Music Video Premiere: Rachael Sage Unveils “The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)”

Singer-songwriter Rachael Sage introduces the music video, “The Place Of Fun (Reimagined),” lifted from her recently released album, Another Side. The song is an acoustic, reimagined version of the track from Sage’s 2023 album, The Other Side.

Talking about “The Place Of Fun,” Sage shares, “This song is one of those musically upbeat tunes that sounds like it’s a cheerful, groovy track – but when you really listen to the lyrics, it’s chronicling the ups and downs of relationship miscommunication and overthinking. Gradually the words unravel into the resolve to make positive, lasting changes in one’s life. I guess it’s my unbridled attempt to acknowledge how sh-tty things have been and how disconnected things have felt…before capturing that extended moment of awe when you realize you have everything you need to substantively change things for the better – as daunting as that might be. I sing about ‘the wisdom of alone’ and that’s basically my version of the adage ‘put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.’ I do truly think there’s wisdom in creating a space where the noise of everything you’re used to, whether it be advice from family, social media, or a loved one’s expectations, is turned down so low that you can actually hear your own essence. As a chronic people pleaser, it’s always fun to try to write lyrics that encourage others to do the exact things I find so difficult, including meditating, reflecting, and choosing balance over chaos.”

Produced by Sage and mixed by Grammy-nominated Mikhail Pivovarov, “The Place Of Fun” features vocals and mandolin from Americana duo Annalyse & Ryan, Kelly Halloran (violin), and Katie Marie (percussion).

Opening on gentle, acoustic tones, “The Place Of Fun (Reimagined)” flows into a creamy, swaying melody topped by Sage’s deliciously soft, breathy vocals. Halloran’s violin glides forth on poignant, slightly melancholic surfaces, giving the harmonics a precious delicacy.

“Linger on the precipice of no / Long enough and grief will start to show / Glowing like a Dybbuk in the dark / Linger on the precipice of yes / Long enough and you will become blessed.”

Rachael Sage’s wonderfully effortless, captivating, vocal charisma shines through on “The Place Of Fun (Reimagined).”

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