Need High-Quality Pre-Cleared Music?—Let Easy Song ‘Cover’ Your Project

Easy Song Marketplace pre-cleared tracks and covers

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Obtaining music licenses for creative projects doesn’t have to be hard—that’s why Easy Song exists. Easy Song’s Marketplace offers high-quality cover recordings that are pre-cleared and ready to use, including covers of today’s greatest hits.

The following was created in collaboration with Easy Song, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Easy Song’s Marketplace features cover songs of everything from the latest hits to classic songs. Soundalike cover songs are a focus, but the service is branching out to include covers across broader offerings (slowed down, 8-bit chiptune covers, etc.).

What sets the service apart is the focus on offering high-quality covers of some of the latest hits, 100% created by humans; no AI is used. New covers in the marketplace include “Greedy” (Tate Mcrae), “Agora Hills” (Doja Cat), and “Water” (Tyla). Also, unlike other vendors, Easy Song has a team standing by to help clear the publishing rights when needed.

Don’t have a specific song in mind? You can use filters to help you narrow down choices for your project. Whether you’re looking for a song that includes vocals, instrumentals only, or you’re looking for a specific tempo—filters help you find the perfect song. With Easy Song Marketplace, you will find high-quality music in a wide variety of genres from Alternative, Hip-Hop, Jazz, K-Pop, R&B, Rock, and more.

How Can I Use Easy Song Marketplace tracks?

Tracks can be used as you need across social media, video, film, podcasts, stage, advertising, and YouTube. Easy Song includes several pricing tiers for projects from audio-only distributions all the way up through major motion pictures. Take a peek at Easy Song’s pricing plans to determine which plan is right for your project.

Can’t find a pre-cleared track that’s perfect for your needs? Easy Song works with elite artists and producers who can create a track for you, for an additional charge. It is is the first cover audio distributor that also provides an industry-leading publishing clearance service regarding the composition side of permission, with over 11K publishing administrations. Easy Song is a full service operation for any licensing need.

Easy Song prides itself on matching artists’ covers with projects in need of high-quality music. Have questions about Marketplace or music licensing? Call during business hours and talk to a real person about your project and your audio needs. Or visit our website and fire off an email to our experienced staff.

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