Nehera Spring 2025 Menswear

“We have been asked to do menswear by our customers or by our friends for years,” said Ladislav Zdút, announcing that at long last the brand has yielded to those entreaties. Like the women’s resort 2025 collection, the starting point was Nehera’s hometown of Bratislava; particularly its Brutalist architecture. Zdút explained that built into the planning of the city’s imposing communist housing and office blocks was a small percentage of funds for public art, often used fountains, which served as gathering places and softened the severe landscape. The contrast between hard (structure, tailoring) and fluidity (inspired by water and achieved through drapery) wass this collection’s main conceit as well as a recurring brand theme. Playing on the idea of the Brutalists’ preferred material, concrete, the team made use of a malfilé-silk suiting fabric resembling its stony, gray color. The men’s spring 2025 and women’s resort 2025 collections share the same theme, but the former was more edited and skewed a bit more casual. It also played up fluid silhouettes in a way that made quite a splash.

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