New Starfield mod will let you become a fiendish Fable-style landlord again and completely overhauls the RPG’s financial systems

A new Starfield mod overhauls the game’s financial systems to let you to roleplay as the capitalist scumbag that probably still exists in the far future.

Starfield’s base game had pretty bare money-related features. You could take out a loan, mortgage a house, and act as a debt collector for a few missions, but now, the new StarFinance mod borrows features from a bunch of different games to buff up the RPG experience.

“Welcome to StarFinance, the ultimate financial overhaul mod for Starfield,” the NexusMods description reads. “Transform your gameplay with an immersive economic system that adds depth and realism to your spacefaring adventures. Manage your finances like never before with a comprehensive banking system, dynamic stock market, and more.”

The StarFinance mod introduces fuller-fat banking so you can open and manage personal bank accounts, while gaining interest on any savings every seven in-game days. A future update will also make economic conditions influence interest rates. Other additions include personal and business loans, a credit score to maintain, and much more.

What caught my eye was the list of additions still to come, though, including the “in-progress” loan sharks that’ll race across the galaxy to collect your unpaid debts, a dynamic stock market that can fluctuate, and property management that lets you become an evil Fable-style landlord once again, complete with the ability to “create and manage lease agreements with customizable terms and conditions.”

“To get started with the mod, go to the GalBank Tower in New Atlantis and interact with the GalBank Data Terminal on the wall,” modder 0xDezzy explains. “You will need 1000 credits to open an account. You will be given an item to interact with the terminal remotely. (I haven’t modified ATMs yet but that will be in a future update. Additionally terminals will be added to all GalBank branches in coming updates as GalBank rolls out it’s new banking system.)”

Speaking of handling money well, Starfield’s Premium Edition gets discounted at $70, which basically makes the Shattered Space DLC free before it even launches.

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