Nicki Minaj’s Sister Ming Luanli Speaks Out About Their Relationship (WATCH)

Nicki Minaj’s sister, known as Ming Luanli and Ming Maraj, has opened up about her relationship with her famous sibling.

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Ming Luanli Gives Details About Her Relationship With Nicki

Ming sat down with the ‘We In Miami’ podcast, where she discussed her life with her half-sister Nicki. While on the show, Ming revealed that she and Nicki Minaj share the same dad.

During the conversation, Ming disclosed that she was bullied in school once people discovered who her sister was.

“I used to be bullied a lot for it. People use to say like, ‘oh if this person was your sister, why didn’t she do this for you? why didn’t she do that for you?’ And at a young age its like you don’t know how to answer questions like those. I never needed her to help me get to my goal. I just needed her to see that I can do it and she could be proud of me, without thinking that I needed to have an easy way to get to the top.”

Ming Luanli also shared the current status of their relationship and explained that despite their history, she has always wanted to impress Nicki.

“We were never close. She was always like busy and I be doing my s**t too. Even though people do think that we are not cool, we’re gonna argue. My sister gets mad at me. This is nothing new, siblings gonna fight.”

Ming further revealed that Nicki Minaj has always been a good sister and that she harbors no ill feelings toward her.

“She was a good sister. She did check up on me and my dad from time to time. She always made sure we were at least good, situated in a way. It doesn’t matter if she was distant or not. I don’t have no hate towards her and if people think that I do, that’s y’all problem not mine.”

As of Wednesday, it appears that Nicki Minaj has not responded to her sister’s podcast comments via social media. The sisters also do not follow each other on Instagram at this time.

Social Media Reacts To Ming’s Comments

The Roomies quickly weighed in on Ming Maraj’s statements in The Shade Room comment section. Many social users gave Ming credit for standing ten toes down behind Nicki.

Instagram user @shethe._thebomb wrote, “I like that she didn’t down talk her sister.” 

Instagram user @jovanna_honey wrote, “I like what she’s saying . Don’t sound bitter or entitled or anything. Sounds like good lil sister.” 

While Instagram user @ x_bigleche wrote, “Not them being damn near twins.” 

Then Instagram user @officialhandz_k wrote, “This is what CLOUT-LESS behavior looks like! I love how she handled this interview even taking ownership for her part as well! 💯”

Instagram user @notratchetopera wrote, “When she hit that Roman face, I said “yeaaaaa….” 😭 that’s her blood.” 

Lastly Instagram user @_lashaundaa wrote, She handled that interview SO WELL! You can tell she’s her own person and doesn’t look for or expect handouts from her sister just cus that’s her sister and that’s amazing to see in a world full of people who love to have their hands outtt😮‍💨🙌🏾” 

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