Nintendo’s Huge June Direct And More Of The Week’s Big Gaming News

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Nintendo’s big June Direct showcase delivered the biggest headlines of the week, with its reveal of Echoes of Wisdom, a new Zelda game in which you actually play as the titular princess, as well as a new Mario & Luigi RPG and, yes, Metroid Prime 4. Read on for all the reveals from that event as well as some of the week’s other top stories.

Samus Aran looks into the camera.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Today, June 18, 2024’s Nintendo Direct may not have had everything we wanted to see (sorry Silksong), but damn did it have some great looking games coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Yes, we got to see Metroid Prime 4, but there’s so much more. So let’s get into it! – Claire Jackson Read More

An Apple Store logo on a glass building.

Photo: ozgurdonmaz (Getty Images)

Back in March, the European Union brought in new rules that were designed to stop companies like Apple and Google from blocking third-party companies running their own in-app item stores. This was supposed to carve a path for games like Fortnite to be able to return to mobile, now they could run in-game purchases without having to use Apple or Google’s own stores, and thus regain 30 percent of every purchase. But it may be the case that the EU thinks Apple still isn’t playing fair, and could start imposing enormous fines. – John Walker Read More

The Nintendo logo.

Image: Nintendo

Now that most of the industry is done with Summer Game Fest and all its orbiting events, Nintendo is jumping into the summer video game announcement fray with its own Nintendo Direct. After plenty of speculation and rumors floating around the internet, the company has confirmed the showcase will take place tomorrow, June 18, at 7 a.m. Pacific/10 a.m. Eastern. Thankfully, that’s an hour later than the usual ass-crack of dawn 9 a.m. Eastern slot the company typically chooses for these showcases. – Kenneth Shepard Read More

A PlayStation Portal sits in front of a blue background.

Image: Sony / Kotaku

The PlayStation Portal is Sony’s surprisingly great Remote Play handheld for the PlayStation 5, and it’s about to get even better thanks to some new features arriving by way of the latest firmware update. – Ethan Gach Read More

A screenshot of Zelda overloooking Hyrule's overworld in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Earlier this morning, Nintendo finally did the thing and announced The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, a mainline Zelda game that cast the titular princess in the lead role, at its most recent Direct. Yes, we know about Age of Calamity, as well as Zelda’s Adventure, but does most anybody else? No. – Moises Taveras Read More

Alphinaud wielding his Sage weapons in combat

Image: Square Enix

After months (and even years) of healer mains in Final Fantasy 14 complaining that Square Enix’s MMORPG has simplified and devalued the job, seemingly to no avail, aggrieved healers are going one step further to make their opinion known: They’re going on strike. – Willa Rowe Read More

Art shows Zelda, Ganon, and Link.

Image: Nintendo

In a wild twist of events, we’re getting a new Zelda game this year after all. The Legend of Zelda: Echoes Of Wisdom is the latest adventure where players control the titular princess as sets out to rescue Link. It hits Switch on September 16. – Ethan Gach Read More

An image shows the main characters from Beyond Good And Evil.

Image: Ubisoft

Oops! Ubisoft seemingly jumped the gun earlier today when it announced the release date and full title for a new remaster of Beyond Good & Evil via Twitter. The publisher has since deleted the tweet, but the internet never forgets. – Zack Zwiezen Read More

A McDonald'S drive-thru sign.

Photo: TonyBaggett (Getty Images)

AI is such big business right now it’s propelled Nvidia, that company that you once knew for making your GeForce graphics cards, to becoming the biggest business in the world. And yet the technology is so far next to useless in all but the most specific circumstances. For example, McDonald’s has just announced it’s abandoning its disastrous experiment with AI, after it turned out people didn’t want bacon on their ice cream. – John Walker Read More

An image shows Cyclops from the X-Men screaming at an Xbox logo.

Image: Marvel / Capcom / Xbox / Kotaku

On June 18, Capcom revealed that it’s porting the beloved arcade fighter Marvel Vs. Capcom 2—as well as six other Marvel arcade games—to modern consoles. But, the new collection won’t be released on Xbox consoles, continuing a trend that has some Xbox fans worried. – Zack Zwiezen Read More

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