On the Podcast: How Eva Chen Gets It Done—Plus, Batsheva Is Putting “Hags” on the Runway

For most of us, a 24-hour day never feels quite long enough. Looking around, you can’t help but wonder: How do some people get it all done? That question was at the heart of the conversation Chloe had with Eva Chen, the vice president of fashion at Meta, who is also an author and a mother to three young children. Chloe was just asking for a friend, right?

The answer, unfortunately, seems to be that Eva is superhuman. She flew into the studio after school drop-offs, with vegan chocolates and granola made by her husband, Tom, for the whole podcast studio. Giving is an important daily practice for her, which she shared while unveiling her millennial pink habit-tracking folder and notebook—a little peek behind the curtain. The two of them took a moment to mourn the imminent departure of Dries Van Noten from his namesake label (and to scour The RealReal for their own personal archives). Eva recently returned from the Paris shows, and she shared her favorite moments with Chloe (Loewe, Mugler, and Rabanne), as well as what it takes to make a show pop on social media.

Chioma also sat down with her longtime friend designer Batsheva Hay to talk about Batsheva’s unique approach to casting, and why it matters to have women of all ages represented in the fashion industry. Before Batsheva got into design, she was a lawyer, and now she’s putting her contract-reading skills to the test as she opens her first permanent storefront in New York this Friday. The pair discussed finding her models on the street and subway (and among her friends), and the ubiquitous joy that her recent show brought with its cast of models who were all over 40. (Now, she’s getting daily selfies from women applying to walk for her.)

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