One of 2024’s biggest new anime series will be shown in cinemas – one month before its Netflix and Crunchyroll release

Good news, anime fans! The first three episodes of the upcoming series Dandadan will be shown in cinemas, animation distributor Gkids has announced.

One whole month before the show lands on Netflix and Crunchyroll in October, the opening chapters are set to release on August 31 in Asia, on September 7 in Europe, and September 13 in select theaters in New York City and Los Angeles. And that’s not all: according to IGN, they’ll also screen in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa.

Based on the hit supernatural manga by Tatsu Yukinobu, Dandadan – which will officially be titled Dandadan: First Encounter in theaters – follows Momo Ayase (Shion Wakayama), a high schooler who descends from a long line of mediums, and occult-obsessed Ken Takakura (Natsuki Hanae). The pair strike up a friendship after squabbling over their polarized opinions on ghost and aliens, before quickly discovering that the two things are very, very real.

Pulling together their expertise and special skills, the youngsters vow to stop the paranormal pests from wreaking havoc on their town, setting them on all sorts of zany adventures. Fuga Yamashiro directs.

“When making this series into an anime, I incorporated playful and visually stunning techniques unique to video to create a very fun structure for the series,” Yamamshiro said in a statement. “I believe you will enjoy it in a slightly different way from the manga and I hope you have a good time at the theatrical release!”

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