Oop! Marlon Wayans Warns Thieves About His Los Angeles Home After It Was Burglarized (VIDEO)

Marlon Wayans managed to give fans a kiii with his PSA for “robbers and others.” He shared his message via Instagram after his Los Angeles home was reportedly burglarized. The actor admitted to the only valuable thing in his house being the house itself!

“God is so good. Everyone is fine. I’m grateful. Dear ROBBERS and OTHERS, I am the WRONG N***A to ROB. Save your energy. I don’t have anything valuable in my house except MY HOUSE. Sorry, I live a simple life with 2 cats, and one of them is a 1994 Range Rover; you will need a jumpstart to steal it cuz the battery is dead,” Wayans wrote in the caption of his video.

He added that his “sh*t is too heavy” and warned robbers not to waste their “energy” or “life.” “You want to carry all that b*llshit? Throw your back out, and for what? I repeat, I don’t own sh*t valuable. I don’t have a bunch of cash or jewelry. Please pick a better [target]. Thank you and love you…still,” his written message concluded.

In the video itself, Marlon Wayans reiterated his point. See everything he said below.

Marlon Wayans Lives A Single, Quiet Life

Wayans recently opened up about his “simple life” and why he never proposed to a woman. He told The New York Times in May that his mother had a big part in his decision to remain wife-less in his younger years. His mother has now passed away, and Marlon admitted that her death “shattered” him.

“I never got married because I never wanted my mother to be jealous of a woman,” Marlon Wayans shared. “I never wanted my mother to feel second to any woman. That was one of my five reasons.” 

Additionally, Wayans also told his mother on her deathbed that he never married because he “always wanted [her] to be his No. 1 girl.” Those were his last words to her, the comedian added.

Speaking of family, despite never marrying, Wayans did welcome two children in his earlier years. His eldest, Kai, is a transgender man, formerly Amai. In early June, he clapped back at “hate mongers” who bashed him for supporting Pride Month.

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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