Reverse: 1999 welcomes new character, narrative, in-game events and more during first phase of Version 1.7


Welcome to Vienna

Reverse: 1999 welcomes new character, narrative, in-game events and more during first phase of Version 1.7
  • Opera singer Isolde joins the fray
  • Get free pulls in two phases
  • Earn Clear Drops and growth materials in new chapter

Bluepoch Games has announced an exciting update for Reverse: 1999, inviting everyone to get their melodic masterpieces in check with the first phase of Version 1.7, “E Lucevan Le Stelle”. In particular, you can look forward to strolling the streets of Vienna on July 11th  across the time travel-themed RPG at the dawn of the 20th century, with a fresh narrative to uncover and a new character to encounter along the way.

In the latest update for Reverse: 1999, you can get to know the opera singer Isolde – she’s available to summon from the banner “Vissi D’arte, Vissi D’amore” as a [Spirit] support arcanist. Of course, there will also be a special check-in event to welcome her to the fray, where all you have to do is log in beginning July 11th to score up to seven pulls in the “Curtain and Dome” event until August 1st. Another seven pulls will be available from then until August 15th.

Simply checking your in-game Mail will reward you with Clear Drop x600 and Jar of Picrasma Candy x5 (time-limited). Similarly, you can acquire more Clear Drops and growth materials by completing Isolde’s Character Story “The Small Room”.


If you’d like to shell out some extra cash, you can purchase the new garment series “One Moment of Aria” from the Bank-Garment Shop. On the other hand, Satsuki’s new garment will be unlockable via the Collector’s edition of the JUKEBOX.

Does that sound like it’s right up your alley? Why not take a look at our list of Reverse: 1999 codes to get your fill of more freebies?

All these are just scratching the surface of what’s in store for you, so if you’d like to get in on the action, you can head on over to the official Reverse: 1999 website to learn more.

Catherine Dellosa

Catherine Dellosa



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