Seal Opens Up About «Traumatizing» Scars on His Face and What Caused Them

The enigmatic British singer-songwriter Seal has long been recognized not only for his velvety voice and stirring melodies, but also for the distinctive scars that mark his face. These scars, which have become as iconic as his music, have sparked countless conversations and speculations. Today, we uncover the true story behind these «traumatizing» marks of distinction.

It started when he was 21 years old.

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Seal, the renowned British singer-songwriter, has recently shed light on the deeply personal story behind the scars that have become a signature part of his appearance. In a candid interview, Seal revealed that the scars on his face are the result of a condition called discoid lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disorder that affects the skin. «I remember, my 21st birthday, I remember sitting on a wall, and a small spot started on one side of my face, and then it kind of got progressively worse. It actually turned out to be a discoid lupus,» he shared.

There was a lack of diagnosis.

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«I remember going to see doctors, and no one knew what it was,» Seal said about his struggle to get a diagnosis for his facial scars. «This went on for ages. It wasn’t until fame and fortune found me that I was able to see a top specialist who finally diagnosed me with lupus.»

The scars impacted his confidence greatly, but not anymore.

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Discussing the impact of his scars, Seal revealed, «Oh, it shattered my confidence,» he admitted. However, as Seal reflects on his experience with years of perspective. «But if you were to say, now at the age of 60, how would I change anything…if I could,» he said with a pause, «not a thing.» This acceptance highlights a personal growth journey, where the scars became a part of his story rather than something to be hidden.

In another review, he candidly shared that he was initially self-conscious about his scars, «but then I quickly realized this body is not who we are. I got off lightly.»

«Something that had kind of been initially traumatizing turned out to be something that has made me instantly recognizable,» he shares.

Seal also has a history of panic attacks and anxiety.

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In addition to his battle with facial scars caused by discoid lupus erythematosus, Seal has also grappled with anxiety and panic attacks for nearly three decades. It was in a recording studio that he first experienced a massive panic attack. «I was rushed to the hospital, and I was convinced that I was dying, having a heart attack,» he recalls.

He describes panic attacks as incredibly disruptive, and the fear of another one as a heavy and isolating experience. «It’s cold, lonely, and dark,» he says.

However, Seal’s struggles have also fostered empathy.

«It’s given me such empathy and understanding for people who can’t get help,» Seal adds. He emphasizes the importance of breaking the stigma, «There is no shame… there is no guilt in asking for help and talking about it, whether it’s therapy or it’s a friend. It needs to be shared.»

To manage his anxiety, Seal has found exercise to be a powerful tool. «Mental health and exercise go hand-in-hand,» he states, acknowledging the difficulty for those battling depression. Meditation has also been a significant benefit, «It’s been huge for me.»

Despite his challenges, Seal expresses gratitude for his experiences. «I’m not sitting here crying about my lupus or anxiety,» he says. «It isn’t by chance that I just have a voice to sing that touches people. I believe that my purpose is communication. That is a blessing.»

In conclusion, Seal’s decision to open up about his «traumatizing» scars offers a profound lesson in resilience, authenticity, and self-empowerment. By sharing his story with grace and candor, he invites us to look beyond superficial appearances and embrace the beauty of individuality. As we celebrate Seal’s courage and strength, let us also take this opportunity to reflect on our own perceptions of beauty and find inspiration in the remarkable journey of self-discovery that defines us all.

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