“She Wasted Years,” J. Lo’s Mom Suddenly Wants Her to Divorce Ben Affleck ASAP

J. Lo and Ben Affleck’s fairytale comeback might be over before it began. Whispers of trouble have been swirling, and now J. Lo’s mom wants her daughter to focus on her career and family. However, here’s the twist: she was previously Ben’s biggest fan! So, what went wrong?

Their relationship has been on the rocks.

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The honeymoon phase might be over for J. Lo and Ben Affleck. The rumors have been spreading for months, fueled by photos of them ditching their wedding rings and living separately. Her family wants her to focus on her successful career and teenage twins, and the singer faces a tough choice now — follow her mom’s guidance and move on, or try to save the marriage.

Her mom wants J. Lo to break up with him.

Jennifer Lopez’s mom Guadalupe Rodríguez is concerned. With all the recent headlines about troubles in J. Lo’s marriage to Ben Affleck, her mom believes Jennifer is losing sight of herself. She’s urging her daughter to consider ending the relationship to avoid further problems, particularly telling her to “cut her losses” and move on.

Her family is upset.

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Jennifer’s family reportedly feels Ben undervalues her. They believe she’s a devoted and successful partner, while he seems unwilling to put in the effort to save the marriage. According to one source, Rodriguez said Jennifer “wasted years believing that Ben was some kind of knight in shining armor.”

Lopez’s mom previously liked Ben.

This news comes as a surprise, considering Jennifer Lopez’s mother was previously very supportive of Ben Affleck. In 2023, she famously stated she’d prayed for their reunion for 20 years. If these insider reports are accurate, it raises a big question: what caused this apparent shift? Fans are left wondering what went wrong as they try to understand the potential end of their marriage.

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