‘Sorairo Utility’ TV Anime Announced

Production company Pony Canyon launched an official website for a television anime series of Yostar PicturesSorairo Utility (Sky Blue Utility) original anime. The official website revealed returning cast and staff members and a teaser visual (pictured).

Minami Aoba: Miyu Takagi (D4DJ First Mix)
Haruka Akane: Yurina Amami (Koisuru Asteroid)
Ayaka Hoshimi: Ayasa Gotou (Puraore! Pride of Orange)

Kengo Saitou (Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! chief animation director) is returning to direct the television anime at Yostar Pictures. Saitou is also designing the characters.

Sorairo Utility is an original golf anime by Yostar Pictures, which premiered with a 14-minute episode in December 2021.

High schooler Minami Aoba has no strengths or aspirations and worries that she will graduate as a mere “villager A.” In search of her uniqueness, she comes across a golf driving range and is approached by the part-timer and genius golfer Haruka Akane. That is Minami’s first encounter with golf. Together with the Haruka and influencer Ayaka Hoshimi, the unremarkable Minami aims for the moment when she becomes a protagonist.

Official site: https://anime-sorairo-utility.com/
Official X (Twitter): @sorairo_utility

Source: PR Times

Sorairo Utility (TV) on MAL

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