Summer House Fans Can’t Get Over How Paige DeSorbo Defended Ciara Miller During the Season 8 Reunion

Vanderpump Rules fans itching for more girl’s girl energy from Bravolebrities found it during the Summer House reunion special.

Part one of the reunion, which aired on June 6, featured a particularly strong moment from Paige DeSorbo, who demonstrated exactly what Bravo viewers have been wanting to see from Lala Kent and Scheana Shay after Scandoval. To be fair, the women of Summer House immediately rallied behind Lindsay Hubbard after she was blind-sided by ex-fiancé Carl Radke’s decision to call off their wedding, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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Lindsay Hubbard Is So Over It

She was blindsided when her best friend turned fiancé called off their engagement while the cameras were rolling, but Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard has had almost a year to process the trauma. And she’s ready to talk.

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During the episode, Ciara Miller got emotional while confronting her ex, West Wilson, who blamed newfound fame from the show for his inability to commit. Their romance began during the summer and ended in December 2023. Miller said she felt like Wilson led her on and fought through tears while discussing her own feelings about sex and intimacy, as well as her confusion over Wilson’s actions during their relationship.

“I think that’s mean to take someone to your parents house and want to sleep with them when you have no intention of doing anything,” she said. “And you know how careful I was being, and how intentional I was moving, and how cautious I was being, yet you got everything you wanted out of me, and I got literally the bare minimum.”

DeSorbo had already had her back, calling Wilson “sensitive and sweet,” but was truly activated after Jesse Solomon tried to defend West for trying to explore the relationship, saying he was “trying” and “didn’t, like, cheat on her.” DeSorbo wasn’t having it, saying, “The bar is so low for men.”

Danielle Olivera, Jesse Solomon, Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, West Wilson, and Gabby Prescod at the Summer House reunion taping.

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DeSorbo then went in on West for getting sucked into the “allure” of the show, when he should have been focussed on the “allure” of Miller. “No one’s faulting you that like you came on a show, it was about to air. It is women viewers. They’re going to love the new guys. You’re all memes,” she said. “There’s so many DMS, we get the allure of that, but we are also her friend, so we see the allure of her. I mean, you have to be blind to not.”

DeSorbo continued, “So we couldn’t understand how the fame and like the lights and camera were so much more enticing than like, your real life. Like, we live our real lives and then there’s a camera. We don’t live our real lives because there’s a camera.”

To prove her point, DeSorbo used Hubbard and Radke’s split as an example. “I mean, we had two people have the worst summer of their lives, and you’re in our group chat being like, ‘This is the best season of the show. This is so exciting,’” she said. “We were like, two people’s lives are literally falling apart.”

Get him, Paige! Fans of the show were quick to praise the reality star online. “Paige is SUCH a good friend. Truly a ride or die,” one fan commented on a TikTok video of the exchange. Another wrote, “This is why I love Paige. She spoke up for Ciara when she needed a moment.”

One TikTok user shared a clip of DeSorbo’s speech, captioned, “Paige doesn’t play about her girl and ATE HIM UP 👏🏽 and we see you now, West 🥴.”

Meanwhile, Bravo-centric content creator @joshintheoval brought things back to Vanderpump Rules season 11 with his take on the moment. “I think we all dream of having friends who are that loyal and ride or die for us, and it’s really just nice to see—especially after the last season of Vanderpump Rules—somebody build a brand on Bravo around being a loyal friend and show that you don’t have to stab your friends in the back to make good television,” he said in his video.

Scheana Shay and Lala Kent have both reacted to accusations that they were bad friends for trying to force conversations between Ariana Madix and her cheating ex, Tom Sandoval, and getting upset when Madix stuck to her boundaries. In a particularly bizarre Give Them Lala podcast episode, Kent said she doesn’t consider herself a bad or good friend. “I’m just a friend,” she said. “I’m 33 years old. I’m past the point of being in the sandbox saying you’re my best friend. I have a family. I’m always going to pick them over you. I can call you on the phone here and there, send you some text messages let you know I’m proud of you. But if you’re looking for someone to really be blindly loyal and show up and be a best friend, I’m not it.”

Meanwhile, Shay has implied that VPR producers are to blame for the tone of the season, specifically compared to Summer House. When discussing a powerful photo of a Summer House group hug on her Scheananigans podcast, she said, “I felt like that’s how this season was starting out. And I felt like that wasn’t what was wanted, not by the audience, but by, you know, others. And it was like, ‘No, we’re not going to go in this direction. You know, we need to include everyone.’”

But here’s the thing, fans want to see women have each other’s backs. As one new Summer House fan commented on the reunion, “I have never seen this show but I love this Paige woman and will watch her every time.”

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How Fame Ruined Vanderpump Rules

The only way Vanderpump Rules worked was if none of the castmates were actually the show’s star, because then all of them could believe that they were the star.

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