Talking Point: Are You Hopeful That Capcom Is Working On ‘Dead Rising 5’?

What would you like to see from a sequel?

Talking Point: Are You Hopeful That Capcom Is Working On 'Dead Rising 5'?

Details on Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster are now out in the wild following a brief ‘Capcom Next’ livestream yesterday, with the newly-enhanced 360 title delivering 4K, 60FPS zombie slaying to Xbox fans this September. Now, while we’re excited about that and will absolutely be replaying the first Dead Rising on Xbox Series X|S, our minds can’t help but wander towards a proper ‘Dead Rising 5‘ in the future. Is Capcom working on such a thing?

Well, for now we obviously don’t know the answer to that question, but this Dead Rising remaster announcement has seemingly come out of nowhere this month – and we’re hopeful that it means a brand-new Dead Rising game is also on the way. Capcom has been cooking lately, and a full-blown current-gen sequel could be absolutely cracking.

While Dead Rising 4 was a bit of a damp squid for most people, we still enjoyed it for what it was. The Christmas theme made it feel like a bit more of a slapstick romp compared to the more serious tone of Dead Rising 3, and we hope that Capcom can merge the two styles for a potential sequel. All of that now running on its impressive RE engine on Xbox Series X|S? Count us in!

There seems to be quite a bit of excitement around Dead Rising Deluxe here at PX — and across the web in fact — but are you also hopeful for a proper sequel to come? Do you think Dead Rising 5 is in the works, or will this remaster be it for the time being?

Vote in the poll up above and tell us your opinions on the Dead Rising series down below!

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