Talking Point: What’s Your Perfect Sunday Morning Game?

Pikmin 4
Image: Nintendo

The sun’s streaming in through the crack in the curtains. Perhaps last night was a large one and you’re a little fuzzy, maybe the kids are awake, jumping on you or haring around the house, or maybe your partner is already up and the smell of a fresh brew is drifting from room to room. Lovely.

There’s not much better than a Sunday morning, especially if you add video games to the mix. While sitting down to a languorous session of Pikmin 4 recently, we marvelled at how this cheerful series felt like the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing Sunday AM. Whether you’re sipping Colombian Roast in your slippers, primed and prepped in your Sunday best, or feeling less than 100% after an overly rambunctious Saturday night, Pikmin feels like a great tonic to enjoy on this day of rest.

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Maybe it’s just us, though, and it got us wondering: What’s your ideal game for a lazy Sunday morning? Bounding through some old-school Green Hills? Knuckling down and burning through the backlog? Blasting infected nasties with a sawn-off? Introducing the kids to some classics? Letting Balatro leech another five hours from you?

So, let’s see what games Team NL likes playing on the second-best morning of the week…

Ollie Reynolds, staff writer

Sunday mornings provide the perfect opportunity to kick back and let any stress that might have built up throughout the week simply melt away. As such, I find it incredibly relaxing to play something I’m intimately familiar with over something completely new. For me, this could well be the Resident Evil remake, Super Castlevania IV, or perhaps even Lumines Remastered.

Now that I have a two-year-old daughter, though, the idea of loading up something that could be considered ‘cosy’ isn’t entirely out of the question. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are prime candidates for something that both my daughter and I can find enjoyment in.

Alana Hagues, deputy editor

Image: Playstack

It really depends, to be honest! The Switch makes Sunday morning gaming so much easier because I can just snuggle down with a blanket and a cup of coffee and get cosy with whatever I’m playing. Whatever is on the menu is basically what I’ll be playing.

But the perfect Sunday morning game? Something I can chip away at over time; a day in Stardew Valley, whether it be selling produce or going to the mines, is wonderful. Some short levelling sessions in a classic RPG — nothing taxing, just enough to make a bit of progress. Or, right now, a round (or four) on Balatro. Roguelikes and deckbuilders are honestly great because they help wake me up while providing a short burst of fun.

Jim Norman, staff writer

Animal Crossing Golden Trout
Image: Nintendo Life

My Sunday mornings have to be chilled. They also have to require as little brain power as possible, ideally. So yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is way up the top of this list for me. Gone are the pandemic days of pouring daily hours into looking after my island. Now, I check in once a week, scratch my head at the bamboo shoot infestation, pull up more than my fair share of weeds, and then shut it down once my mind starts to drift to more important, pressing matters like lunch. Bliss.

Gavin Lane, editor

It all depends on the vibe. For a traditional, low-key Sunday AM, as I said in the intro, Pikmin is a great fit. The past couple of weekends I’ve worked through an in-game day with the kids watching, pointing out the new Pikmin, testing their abilities (the Pikmin, not the kids), spelunking and taking on some grubby beasties. The natural environments make you feel like you’re getting fresh air even if it’s belting down outside.

Then again, as Ollie mentioned, it’s a great time to bathe in nostalgia, whether that’s hitting the Streets of Rage or firing up the NSO app. The weekend is pretty much the only time I fire up my bank of mini consoles, usually to introduce the kids to the classics (having Castle of Illusion on the Mega Drive Mini is a godsend) or just to blast through something comfortable and familiar.

Image: Nintendo Life

What? Nobody said BOTW!?! Blimey.

What’s your ideal Sunday morning game, then? Is there anything else you need to make it perfect? Tea, Earl Grey, hot? Bacon sarnie? $750-worth of Retrotink 4K? Let us know in the poll and comments below.

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