Talking with Madelyn Rose About Her New Single “Cowboys” and Overcoming Shyness

Teen country singer-songwriter Madelyn Rose unveils her new single, Cowboys, the first of a series of releases anticipating her upcoming EP, slated to drop in September via Vere Music.

Madelyn Rose shares, “I’m so excited to be releasing music again, as it’s been almost a year since my last EP Teenage Heartache was released…Working with Charlotte Avenue Pictures and Bryce Roberts to produce my tracks at the Sound Emporium in Nashville has been the best recording experience. I’m so thrilled for you all to hear ‘Cowboys.’”

Not yet titled, the upcoming EP follows on the heels of 2023’s Teenage Heartache, featuring the breakout single, “Sober,” and a personal favorite, “Heart Space.” Teenage Heartache took listeners on a journey through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old navigating love and heartbreak in today’s world.

Now seventeen, Madelyn is charting a more experienced and confident course with “Cowboys.” Recorded at Sound Emporium in Nashville this spring, the song was co-written with Deanna Walker. As she did on “Teenage Heartache,” Rose showcases her evocative, lusciously silky voice.

Guitar Girl Magazine spoke with Madelyn Rose to discuss the primary focus of “Cowboys” and how she overcame her shyness.

What three things can’t you live without?

The three things I cannot live without are my family, my dog, and my guitar of course.

What inspired your new single, “Cowboys?”

I was inspired to write Cowboys from the way that women find country boys attractive.  I’ve never really heard a song about that topic, and I wanted to share my opinion on it.

With “Cowboys” what was your main focus? What did you really want to try and achieve with this track?

I wanted to achieve an honest message about what women want in a man.  In doing so, I wanted to showcase flirty and genuine lyrics.

“Cowboys” is from your upcoming EP. What can you share about the EP?

The new EP is very different from my last project Teenage Heartache,’ in these songs, I’m focusing all on having fun and less on deep serious lyrics and emotions.

How did you get started in music? 

When I was four, I began to take piano lessons and continued with them for the next ten years.  Along the way, I taught myself guitar and started singing at the age of six.  The problem for me, at such a young age, was that I was incredibly shy. Because of that, I had a fear of performing and sharing with others what I had created.  When I turned fourteen, I started to come out of my shell and felt comfortable sharing my music with others.  It brought me joy to touch people with my music and so much adrenaline when I played, it transported me into another world!  Those feelings are what led me to pursue a career in music

Which singers/musicians influenced your sound?

Some of my biggest inspirations are Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Lainey Wilson. From day one I have been fascinated with Underwood’s story and music.  I appreciate how she has stayed true to her roots, so I would like to follow in her footsteps.

What kind of guitar do you play?

I was given an acoustic Fender for my sweet 16th, and I’ve loved it ever since

What is your definition of tone? And is your tone evolving?

My tone is constantly changing, and the longer I sing the grittier my voice gets during a show (which I love).  On my current tour of the Finger Lakes, my voice seems to be evolving in a way to have more twang in finding my original sound!

What can you share about your creative process? 

Whenever I get a new song idea, I use the notes app on my phone to save it for later when I have time to write. When I hop on a zoom call for a co-write, I go through all the ideas that I have saved on my phone to use. From there we decide what is speaking to us lyrically and start writing.

Which do you enjoy the most: writing, recording, practicing, or playing live?

I used to be very shy when I was younger, but now that I’ve gained confidence, I enjoy playing live shows the most. I love to see my audience’s reaction to different songs, lyrics, and emotions.

Based on your own experiences and lessons learned, what guiding principles or words of wisdom would you share with aspiring artists looking to carve out their own path in music?

My advice for new artists is to do as many live shows as possible.  Learning to entertain an audience is key, reading a crowd and engaging with your fans will bring your performance to another level.

What’s next for you? 

After ‘Cowboys’ is released on June 21, the next single will be out in July. Then the 3rd will be released on the EP in September.  I will also be continuing my tour throughout the summer and fall.

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