The Art Of Thick, Healthy Brows: How To Achieve Them Now

Our brows are pretty resilient beasts, aren’t they? A part of the face that has been tinkered around with since the 30th Century BC (when the Ancient Egyptians began waxing them), we tend to want different things from them at different points in history. The past 30 years alone has seen us pluck them to within an inch of their lives (see Pamela Anderson in the ’90s), in stark contrast to the overtly feathered brow that was so popular last year. Now, last year’s look has settled down somewhat, and it’s all about achieving a full yet natural effect.

“We’re wearing them slightly feathery and soft, but more groomed,” explains Francesca Abrahamovitch, expert makeup artist to Victoria Beckham. “It’s still all about a full and natural look right now.” It has long been said that a well-shaped brow can make or break the face, and it’s true. “Having a good, well-proportioned and well-groomed brows can really change your eye shape, lifting and opening to make you look more youthful and fresh.”

With Google searches for “how to do eyebrows at home” up by a staggering 3,750% over the past month, we take a look at exactly what it takes to achieve healthy brows from home.

How to shape your brows

While it’s always worth seeing an expert once in a while to help shape your brows, it is perfectly acceptable to tend to them yourself at home. Vanita Parti, founder of Blink Brow Bar, suggests using an eyebrow pencil to map out where hair should be removed. “As a general guideline, place the pencil vertically at the edge of your nose—[the point] where it hits your eyebrow is where the brow should start,” she says. “Then, swivel it from your nose to your iris, which is where the arch should be positioned.” Use tweezers to grab hair at the root to prevent breakage.

How to promote hair growth in your brows

Does rosemary oil work for eyebrows? A common question, since the ingredient went viral on TikTok for its ability to boost hair growth. However, there is no real scientific evidence to suggest that it does work on our brows. Instead, seek out formulas that have been shown to boost growth. Daily use of BBB Brow Boost (which contains argan and coconut oil, alongside rovisome biotin and caffeine) boosted hair growth and thickness in 80% those who participated in consumer trials; Olaplex’s Browbond Building Serum helps to densify the brows, while simultaneously preventing the appearance of greys.

How to fill in and thicken

Even the sparsest of brows can be made to look bounteous and full—all it takes is some stealth makeup application. “We can define and thicken our brows, no matter their shape or size, by using a combination of techniques to mimic natural hair strokes and add density—it just takes a little more time,” Abrahamovitch says. “For example, if you have very sparse brows with lots of gaps, you could map out the shape you want to achieve, then use a pencil to draw tiny hair strokes in all of the gaps and sparser areas.” After that, you can use a brow powder to add the illusion of thickness along the base of the brow, “softly graduating upwards”, she explains.

She name-checks Victoria Beckham Beauty’s new FeatherFix, a liquid brow gel with a tiny brush to define, separate and lift each hair, as an excellent way to lightly tint and give a fuller, softer texture to the brow, while Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Brow Freeze Gel is another great tint-free option. While the brow lamination technique still has its place on our faces, the modern way to do it is with a softer, less extreme touch. They shouldn’t look frozen or too obvious.

Brows… and the rest of your face

When you’ve got good brows and eyelashes, you can leave the rest of the face fresh and natural, according to Abrahamovitch. “A good brow adds structure to the face and lifts the eyes, so you look fresh and well put together,” she says. “In the summer months, I would just use some tinted moisturizer, cream blush, and a great lip balm.”

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