“The Most Beautiful”, Vera Wang, 74, Stuns in a Bold Dress at Met Gala and Shocks Fans

At the 2024 Met Gala, fashion icon Vera Wang captured everyone’s attention with her stunning gown and age-defying appearance. Vera dazzled in a risqué sheer dress with a bold back at age 74 and the internet can’t stop talking about her look.

The 74-year-old designer chose a bold look for the event, wearing a sheer gown she designed herself. The gown’s top was adorned with hand-draped crystals, and the bottom featured a black and white layered tulle skirt with silk petals.

Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

Vera was accompanied by Janelle Monáe, who also made a statement in a custom Vera Wang gown. This unique piece incorporated recycled bottle caps turned into flowers, showcasing Vera’s commitment to creativity and sustainability.

While Vera’s design prowess was on full display, it was her youthful look that left the most significant impression. Admirers praised her timeless style, with one commenting, “My favorite- whimsical and timeless,” and another exclaiming, “The most beautiful mermaid!”

In a similar vein of understated elegance, Pamela Anderson attended the gala sporting a no-makeup makeup look, which also garnered attention. See photos here.

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