The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Unveils Updates

The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform releases two bonus features. Cashout cancellation bonus and Timezone management are aimed to influence two vital casino project metrics – engagement and retention.

Cashout Cancellation Bonus

The Cashout Cancellation Bonus allows players to receive a reward for cancelling their cashout requests. Players can cancel their entire cashout or choose to cancel 25%, 50%, or 75% of it. When a player cancels their cashout and receives the bonus, both the bonus funds and the cashout amount are locked in their account until the bonus wagered requirements are met. This feature is available for both the client’s and SOFTSWISS’ frontend platforms. Its primary function is to retain players.

Timezone Management Bonus Feature

The Timezone Management feature allows casinos to consider different time zones when issuing bonuses. Projects using the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform can specify time zones to issue or restrict bonuses to players within certain time zones. This feature aims to increase personalisation and engagement with the casino’s bonus policies, especially for casinos operating across multiple time zones.

Darya Avtukhovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, said:

Despite the large number of awards, we haven’t stopped to rest on our laurels. Player engagement and retention are crucial elements of an iGaming project’s business strategy. Acquisition costs are extremely high, which is why operators need to work closely with engagement and retention. We are putting a lot of effort into further developing our product features that work towards these metrics.

These new features are part of SOFTSWISS’ ongoing actions to enhance the company’s robust ecosystem of products for the online casino industry. For licensed operators looking for a complete software solution, the SOFTSWISS Turnkey Casino Solution offers a full suite of services to support smooth operations. To ensure a more successful project implementation in the competitive iGaming market, an operator can leverage Managed Services, which delivers a full range of B2C solutions as well as its own affiliate marketing program based on Affilka by SOFTSWISS platform.

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