TikTok Adds ‘Floating Player’ on Desktop to Facilitate Expanded Viewing

Here’s a small, but handy update for TikTok users.

The platform has added a new “floating player” option, which enables you to keep watching TikTok videos on your desktop PC while switching to other tabs.

TikTok floating player

The new Floating Player option is in the bottom right of the playback window on desktop, and when tapped, you can then drag the player to wherever you want on screen.

So if you’re doing some monotonous spreadsheet and you want to keep a TikTok video playing in the corner of your monitor, you can. Just don’t get too distracted, because a decimal point going awry will ruin your day.

As noted, it’s a handy option, which will give you more flexibility in watching TikTok clips. And with TikTok continually pushing users to upload longer video, it could also be good for watching long-form clips in the app.

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