What?! Massachusetts Teacher Placed On Leave After Staging Mock Slave Auction & Using the N-Word In Class

A Massachusetts Teacher Stages A Mock Slave Auction

A Massachusetts teacher has been placed on leave after staging a mock slave auction and using the N-word.

CNN reports the incident occurred in a 5th-grade Margaret Neary Elementary School class.

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Teacher Stages Mock Slave Auction In Classroom

Parents were informed via letter that a teacher held an “impromptu mock slave auction” in January. The correspondence explained that the teacher was discussing the Transatlantic Slave Trade when she asked “two children sitting in the front of the room, who were of color, to stand.”

The teacher then “discussed the physical attributes (ie, teeth and strength) of the students who were playing the role of slaves.

The shocking event was reported to Gregory Martineau, the superintendent of the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, a district located half an hour outside of Boston. Martineau stated that the teacher’s actions violated the district’s values and were “unacceptable.”

Teacher Uses The N-Word

Additionally, in April, the same teacher used the N-word while she read a book. The superintendent said, “It was later brought to the District’s attention that the ‘N-word’ does not appear in the book.”

Martineau stated, “Dehumanizing words such as slurs should not be spoken by employees or students. Using such words can harm students and negatively impact an open discussion on a particular topic.”

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