Whew! Steve Harvey Reveals His 8-Show-A-Day Shooting Schedule On ‘Family Feud’ Drove Him To His Breaking Point (Video)

Steve Harvey admits his grueling work schedule for ‘Family Feud’ almost drove him to his breaking point.

Atlanta Black Star reports the host’s filming schedule was so intense he “almost killed” himself.

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The funny man, who began hosting the program in 2010, recently shared how his jam-packed shooting schedule took a physical toll on him, so much so that he had it amended.

He chatted with Donna Farizon from ‘Today’ about hosting ‘Family Feud’ for nearly 15 years.

Steve Harvey’s Shooting Schedule Nearly Breaks Him

Harvey stated he was initially required to film for eight shows daily in front of a studio audience. The 67-year-old admits it was wearing him down.

“When I first got this show, we did eight shows a day, three days a week; we did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I did eight shows a day; I did 24 in a week, and I almost killed myself,” the actor said.

Steve continued, “And then we got it down to six shows a day, and then that was, that was murders row for me after a while because of the way I work, you know. I’m not just reading the questions, you know, it’s actually a show for me.”

Steve also spoke about leaving his mark on the beloved game show.

“They allowed me to put my own little stamp on this show. … I’m pretty fortunate, man, in that this format is kind of like tailor-made for my gift,” he shared. 

Additionally, he talked about how the years initially passed quickly, but that has since changed. Harvey’s 15th anniversary on the show is quickly approaching.

Harvey said, “At first they (the years) were kind of blowing by, but now I kind of feel ’em all.”

Steve’s Return To Stand-Up Comedy

On another note, Harvey said he would return to stand-up only when he retires from TV. During a 2022 ABC Television Critics Association press tour, the host said, “The only way I can do one more special is that it would have to be at the end of my television career because it will end my television career. I want to do one more. I’d have to call it something like, ‘Well, This Is It’ or something like that.”

Until the former ‘King of Comedy’ hits the stage again, fans can watch him on daytime TV hosting ‘Family Fued’ or his new court show, ‘Judge Steve Harvey.’

One thing about Steve, he’s gon’ keep a j.o.b.

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