You’ll Want To Go On A Cleaning And Tidying Spree Around Your Home With These 40 Products, Because They’re So Satisfying

10. A bottle of Angry Orange citrus deodorizer for those reeeally strong pet odors that make you gag and form excuses to never invite guests over. It targets those awful pee smells and destroys them, leaving behind a heavenly citrusy scent that — bonus points — your cat or dog will hate, so it may even encourage them to stop targeting a certain area. 

Use a UV blacklight (as shown above) to find urine spots you didn’t even know were there!

Angry Orange is a small biz that was founded in 2014. They provide pet-related household cleaning supplies like stain removers, mops, and more.

Promising reviews: “We have three cats, two of which are Maine Coons, and one of our young female Maine Coon cats has been urinating on the rug in the bathroom. We bought this stuff, sprayed it on the rug, and she went in to investigate — smelled the rug, pretty much gagged, and hasn’t been in the bathroom since. Highly recommend, this stuff smells great!” —TBOZ

“I love my dogs, stink and all. But I get embarrassed when non-dog owners come over, and my house smells like pond. Y’all know what I’m talking about. I keep a clean house, but I can’t afford the water to wash their beds every week. I decided to try Angry Orange, and let me tell you, it works. Just two sprays on each dog bed, and the odor was gone. Also, four hours later after the orange smell had dissipated, still no doggie smell. 👍👍👍” —ocdmax

Get it from Amazon for $17.96+ (available in two sizes).

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