Yung Gravy And Bbno$ Reveal Who They Want To Form A Music Group With And We Think They Should “Never Say Never”

It’s been seven years since their first EP, and now Baby Gravy is headed to Australia for a string of headline shows. Rapper besties Yung Gravy and bbno$ (baby no money) have electrified venues across the country as solo artists, but this time, they’re taking the stage as a duo.

Between Yung Gravy’s conversion to rap-country artist and the release of bbno$’ clothing line, the pair sat down with BuzzFeed Australia to chat about their tour, throuples and how they’re getting Eminem’s attention.

Here’s everything we chatted about: 

You’ve both toured Australia previously, what keeps both of you coming back?

Yung Gravy: Everything’s good in Australia, but you guys have hotter women and less— Never mind, I said less attractive men, but maybe I’m just guessing. 

bbno$: I feel like the quality of life in Australia has the concepts and constructs of, you work just to live. Whereas, like in America, you live to work and I don’t know, it feels like…a European America. 

Yung Gravy: I’m from the Midwest where everyone’s like overly nice and wholesome compared to most of America and known for drinking the most out of anywhere in Australia. I just feel like Australia is like the Midwest, but with better weather. The people there are similar in a good way. 

The last time that you came over here, was there any favourite Australian words that you picked up?

bbno$: Bogan 

Yung Gravy: Bogan. I was thinking about that last night.

bbno$: Bogan is hilarious. Fucking bogans. 

Yung Gravy: Fucking bogans. 

bbno$: Hey what’s up, you fucking bogans. 

Yung Gravy: Knackered? Is that one of them? [There’s also] something about like dolphins or something. Is a dolphine one? Some drug thing about dolphins? 

bbno$: Oh, Nangs! It’s nitrous oxide.

On Baby Gravy 3, you’ve got Rich Brian and Freddie Dredd backing you up in “Nightmare on Peachtree St” and “C’est La Vie”. For the next album (which I’m sure is already in the works), who would be your dream Australian features or features just in general?

Yung Gravy: Tame Impala

bbno$: AC/DC

Yung Gravy: Who was I just talking to [this] about? Oh, it was last night. There aren’t many rappers in Australia, is there? 

bbno$: I remember one of my friends, he was telling me about like [a group] they like make drill music? They’re called like three something? 

BuzzFeed: OneFour!

bbno$: Yeah the two number in between! I mean I had a one in 25% chance. 

The Australian festival industry has had a bit of a rough go. But you guys are coming here to headline, which is going to be so cool. If you had a big master plan to throw your own festival here, what would it be? Sky’s the limit, as chaotic as possible, and who would be your dream lineup?

Yung Gravy: We should do it on the beach somewhere. We’ll do it on Quokka Island. 

bbno$: That’s a good idea. Dream line up — I mean Tame Impala, AC/DC, Baby Gravy. 

Yung Gravy: Bee Gees. 

bbno$: The Wiggles. The Wiggles go so hard! 

Yung Gravy: REO Speedwagon. I think that’s about it— Justin Bieber

bbno$: And Partiboi69. 

Yung Gravy: I don’t know what the quokkas will do, but lets get it. Headphones, get them all headphones. 

Throuples are having having a moment right now in entertainment. If you had to include a third person in your group to form a musical throuple, who would it be, and what do you think they’d bring to the table?

Yung Gravy: Justin Bieber. I think he’d bring everything. 

bbno$: I kind of agree. Weirdly enough, I don’t even know if I need to explain what he would bring to the table. 

Yung Gravy: If we could just pick anybody I think Justin Bieber, because then he’d bring everything and we could just chill. 

bbno$: He would bring literally everything. Yo, have you ever seen him perform live, Matt? It’s insane. No, I was clowning him, obviously because it’s like, “Oh. It’s Justin Bieber. Every girl is obsessed with him.” He gets up on stage. He’s like, effortlessly, perfect in pitch. 

Yung Gravy: I would super love to go see him. 

bbno$: I was so taken. I was like ‘Dude. This is mesmerising.” He’s an absolute savant, it’s so crazy dude. 

Yung Gravy: I think if we couldn’t get Justin Bieber we’d get Chief Keef. 

During a game of ‘Who’s most likely to’ I asked Yung Gravy and bbno$: “Who’s most likely to lose rap ‘beef’?”

bbno$: I mean…shit. [Both of us], I don’t think we would win. If we had actual beef against us, we would probably both lose, in all honesty.

Yung Gravy: It depends, it depends. I feel like if you got into beef with somebody, I would come over and I’d bring Stu and other people and we would write the best diss track of all time. 

And finally, bbno$ and Yung Gravy then went onto explain their ‘clash’ with rap legend, Eminem.

bbno$: So I’ve been like…going at Eminem just for memes for my new song and I told Y2k, I told all of my music friends. Basically, if we were to get him to actually notice, I would go in the studio and sit there for 24 hours, probably do a bunch of Adderall and like, make a 30-minute diss track of literally every single piece of information. Bar for bar. Then film a video on my iPhone and post it. But there’s no way he’s going to hit me back. 

Yung Gravy: The thing is [Eminem] just came back with a good song. You know he finally made a cool song for the first time in like 10 years. 

bbno$: Really? That was cool bro? He just sampled himself. 

Yung Gravy: I know but he’s rapping like Slim Shady again. 

bbno$: I can’t argue, it’s kind of true. 

Yung Gravy: The [“Houdini” music] video is tight. 

bbno$: The video is incredible. 

Yung Gravy: Yeah, he doesn’t like me either because I hit on his daughter. She’s married now just for the record. 

Which artists should form a musical throuple to dominate the industry?

Share your dream throuples in the comments below.

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