‘Every mistake, a lesson’: who is this LoL mystery champion?

League of Legends season 13 started a few days ago and Riot introduced some missions to celebrate the beginning of the new ranked season. Every day, a new mission is added to the game, with the goal of having players use a specific mystery champion to get the rewards. Let’s see how the missions work.

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League mystery champion with today’s quote: “Every mistake, a lesson”

Starting from the new ranked season on Jan. 10, the missions have rolled out to the live servers, requiring the players to play the champion that satisfies a certain quote from a champion or one of their skins. This is a great chance for players to prove their game knowledge and understanding of the League lore, while also getting some nice rewards. In other words, it’s a double win for the hardcore League fans.

If you haven’t completed all the missions, don’t worry: you have time until Jan. 24 to finish all the incomplete tasks from the previous days. On the other hand, if you’re wondering who the champion with today’s quote is, then you can find the answer here.

The mystery League champion with the quote: “Every mistake, a lesson.” comes from Wukong, the Monkey King. Mainly played as a jungler, Wukong can also be played as a top laner.

Image Credits | Riot Games

If you play a game as Wukong or with the champion on your team, you can earn a Hextech Chest and a Hextech key to immediately open your reward. You should also get an Aatrox champion shard, which can be useful to answer upcoming riddles, so make sure to not disenchant the champion.

In case you want to find out what the next riddles are, you will find the answers for the upcoming mystery champions here!

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