GALA Price Prediction – Why These Metaverse Cryptos Will Provide You 10x More Gains

The GALA token was launched to focus on specialized gaming marketplaces and allow players to play games for an unlimited number of hours. Like most altcoins, GALA has gone through volatile price changes since the crypto winter started early last year. Compared to most metaverse cryptos that have lost over 60-70% of their value, GALA lost around 89% of its value last year. 2023 so far has looked much more prosperous for GALA as the price has started to recover and even has passed its pre-November crash price.

The current state of the crypto market has made it difficult for investors to decide which tokens are safe. But we can’t deny that this year should favor metaverse tokens- especially Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra (TARO), Calvaria (RIA), and Tamadoge (TAMA). This article explores viable alternative cryptos better positioned to make at least 10x more gains than GALA.


Price Prediction For GALA

GALA turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2022. GALA lost almost 89% of its value last year, and it was one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies but it has since recovered as the chart below shows.

gala price

When the cryptocurrency market collapsed, GALA’s price plunged below $0.10. When the US Federal Reserve announced that it would reduce the size of its balance sheet in April 2022, the price of GALA began to plummet. 

However, as the GALA Price begins to rise again confidence is increasing. For this to continue GALA Games must also regain the players it has lost since April. Below are the token’s estimated prices for the next few years. These forecasts were prepared by respected crypto experts and shouldn’t be totally relied on due to the volatile state of the market.


The Average Price Of $GALA

















Alternate Cryptos That Will Provide You 10x More Gains Than GALA

These tokens are our top five alternatives to GALA. Crypto experts believe they’ll make at least 10x more profit than GALA in a few months. 

  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Community project trying to solve P2E issues 
  • Fight Out (FGHT) – M2E token flying through presale 
  • RobotEra (TARO) – Metaverse game with unlimited revenue streams
  • Calvaria (RIA) – P2E game tipped to be the biggest in 2023 
  • Tamadoge (TAMA) — Quick Pumping play-to-earn altcoin in the Metaverse

Tokens That Will Provide You 10x More Gains Than GALA

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Community project trying to solve P2E issues 

The folks behind Meta Masters Guild have looked at the P2E crypto market and have pinpointed two problems that they aim to solve, that should give blockchain gamers the experience they have been craving. The first, is the pump and dump nature of a lot of P2E games. Gamers complete tasks, earn native currency, and dump it and move on. Not a very challenging or entertaining experience. What Meta Masters Guild does differently is they invest their native currency back into the game, this way they are always improving the gaming experience within their guild.

The other issue they wish to improve is a lack of  gaming communities available to blockchain gamers. The gaming community has been made infamous among traditional gaming from Call of Duty chat rooms to League of Legends communities. With their games all taking place in the Metaverse but through the same site they will try to give gamers a community experience where they can socialize and play their favorite games.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

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Fight Out (FGHT) – M2E token flying through presale

The M2E coin industry is one of the most fascinating ones to get involved in for this coming year. A relatively new and niche genre of crypto, investors and experts are expecting it to explode in 2023. Until now though it seems that the leading M2E coins were fairly limited, just focusing on one or two aspects of fitness. Fight Out will certainly change that.

The presale has already long passed the $3 million raised mark despite being young in its existence. It’s no wonder why as there is a lot of excitement around the project. Fight Out aims to give its users a total workout experience. The app, which will employ top of the range trainers, will have personalized workouts that take into account a person’s strengths, goals and even the equipment they have available. Their ambitious plans also involve building new and partnering with existing gyms to give users a chance to workout with fellow Fight Out enthusiasts.

Fight Out will even give its users access to the Metaverse. Players can purchase NFT avatars that will grow and develop alongside them on their fitness journey. This avatar can be used to socalise with other users in the Metaverse or even challenge others to a battle to see who is really the strongest!


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RobotEra (TARO) – Metaverse game with unlimited revenue streams

There are of course so many Metaverse projects around these days jostling for position that finding the one that will net you gains is a tough decision. We always recommend looking for unique project plans that you believe will last the test of time. With its unique game structure and revenue stream plans, we believe RobotEra is one of those projects.

A ‘sandbox’ like game that involves NFT robots and rebuilding the destroyed planet of Taro, one thing is for sure – players will not get bored with RobotEra. The inventors have more or less let their players cook with this one too. Players can reap their land for resources, build structures that other players will like to visit and charge them, sell advertising space, or even run for president of their planet! RobotEra has even left the door open for other Metaverse communities to join and interact so the possibilities are endless.

Robotera (TARO)
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Calvaria (RIA) – P2E game tipped to be the biggest in 2023  

Calvaria is a P2E game that many experts are tipping to be the biggest of 2023. After taking a look for ourselves we can see two reasons why this is. First is the gaming experience. Players must collect NFT battle cards to create a battle deck and then try to defeat fellow players. It’s a great game that will remind many users of their childhood playing battle card games like Yu-gi-Oh and others. Players can then earn the native currency RIA the more they win.

Secondly the Calvaria game has a free option that is available to download on android and IOS. This is very unusual for a P2E game but it shows that Calvaria is committed to attracting more traditional gamers to the blockchain gaming life. This will surely only increase its popularity as players are able to test out the game, see how good it is and then get involved themselves rather than being tasked with spending money before even knowing what the game is about.

bkex calvaria 2

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Tamadoge (TAMA) — Quick Pumping play-to-earn altcoin in the Metaverse

Tamadoge is an NFT-based P2E platform where users can battle, train, and breed digital Tamagotchi pets. On October 6th 2022, the general public was introduced to Tamadoge’s NFT pet collection. 

The project’s initial release of its functionality is commemorated by this collection of 100 incredibly rare Tamadoge NFTs. These ultra-rare NFTs improved price actions, which makes them perfect for getting an edge in the Tamadoge ecosystem. Later, the team released 20,000 common NFTs and 1,000 more rare Tamadoge NFTs. The launch of the numerous NFT collections were a great success and pushed the TAMA token even higher. 

Tamadoge has a rough end to 2022, however Q1 has been much kinder and the price seems to be on its way up again. This could be the perfect time to get involved.

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Bottom Line

While it is unsure if GALA is the best token to invest in right now, the alternative tokens listed above are profitable ventures that would provide you 10x gain in no time.  All the listed tokens are Metaverse alternatives so buyers would not have to worry about too much change to their experience, but will likely see a much more positive change to their crypto wallets.

Meta Description: GALA has shown slight signs of upturns but investors are still a little hesitant about its possibilities. Check out the top alternatives to GALA

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