Editor-Favorite Oura Ring Is Doing Their First Prime Day Sale

IN THE CROWDED WORLD of fitness trackers, Oura Ring has managed to set itself apart from the rest of the field. Unlike its wrist-worn competition, it can be sported on any finger (though they recommend the index finger for the best analytics). The accompanying app displays elite 24/7 health tracking, giving you daily scores on readiness, sleep, and activity. Given the device’s sleek look, innovative technology, and celebrity athlete ambassadors (like Myles Garrett, Chris Paul and Lance Armstrong), it’s no surprise that it’s a high-ticket item costing up to $500.


For the first time ever though, we can confirm that Oura Ring will be participating in Amazon’s biggest online sales event of the year, Prime Day. And while we can’t share exact details on the deal, it’s sure to help nudge anyone who’s been on the fence about purchasing one recently. The prices on Oura Rings vary depending on style and color, which you can individualize for your own personal aesthetic.

The Heritage edition has a flat, angular look, while the Horizon model is more of a traditional smooth circle. The rings come in Silver, Black, Gold, and Stealth (dark gray). The important stuff, aka the technology, remains the same no matter what style or color you choose to go with though.


Why We Like The Oura Ring Gen3

I personally stand by my Oura Ring Gen3, which I opted to get in Heritage Stealth to fit my more understated fashion tendencies. Despite having put it through countless workouts and adventures, my ring still looks pristine after a wash, which is more than I can say about many other wearables. As a regular watch wearer, I also enjoy being able to throw on my favorite timepiece without feeling too bogged down on my wrists. But what I like most is being able to regularly monitor important health markers like heart rate variability during training and blood oxygen sensing during sleep.

How To Shop Oura Ring’s Amazon Prime Day Sale

The first step towards your new ring is a sizing kit, which you can order online for $10 on Amazon (which can be applied to your purchase of a ring). This is a great step to get out of the way now, so that you can score your size while supplies last.

Be sure to bookmark this page, and keep checking back here for official details on the Oura Ring’s Amazon Prime Day sale when they go live.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Every year, Amazon chooses two days in mid-summer to offer deep discounts to Prime members, with tens of thousands of products on sale. In addition to brands like Apple and Brooks, Amazon’s own products typically go on sale. Be on the lookout for discounts on Echo speakers or a Fire TV.

What Are the Amazon Prime Day 2024 dates?

Prime Day will take place July 16 and 17, 2024, but you can expect to see sales before and after those dates. If you spot a great deal before the 16th, go ahead and snag it, because popular products tend to sell out. If you don’t have time to shop on the actual Prime Day dates, there are still deals to be had, as Amazon has kept the sales going on certain products for as long as they have inventory in the past.

Do I Have to Be An Amazon Prime Member to Shop on Prime Day?

Yes, you must have an Amazon Prime membership to get these discounts, but becoming a member is easy and costs $14.99 a month (or $139 a year). You can also sign up for a 30-day free trial that aligns with the sale. Pro tip: There are two less expensive options worth looking into—a student membership or the Prime Access program.

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