Indonesian state uni to pilot South Korean digital diabetes app and more briefs

Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia to test South Korean AI-powered diabetes management app

Kakao Healthcare has signed a memorandum of agreement with state university hospital Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia (RSUI) to pilot its latest AI-based diabetes management application.

Launched in February, Pasta is a mobile app-based service that leverages AI for blood sugar management. It is integrated with a continuous glucose monitor to display a user’s blood sugar level in near real-time. The app also records and stores data on diet, exercise, and sleep, which along with blood sugar information are used to generate automatic lifestyle suggestions. 

As part of their collaboration, CGMs from Dexcom will be provided for free to RSUI. Data generated from this research will, in turn, help enhance Pasta’s AI model. 

India seeks Google’s assistance in AI, digital health tools development

India’s Union Health Secretary Apurva Chandra recently met with Dr Karen DeSalvo, Google’s chief health officer during the 77th World Health Organization’s World Health Assembly in Geneva. 

Chandra is seeking assistance from Google in implementing projects under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), India’s national programme for building the foundation of its digital health infrastructure. These include the development of AI models and digital tools that integrate with ABDM. 

Google has been collaborating with the National Health Authority through Google Research since 2022. Their partnership has led to the listing of Google’s AI model for diabetic retinopathy screening in the ABDM. It continues today with their joint development of an open-source platform for simplifying integrations with the ABDM. 

IISc’s Centre for Brain Research to try out Wipro’s AI/ML for disease management

The Centre for Brain Research at the Indian Institute of Science has started working with global IT company Wipro in developing AI/ML and big data-based technologies that assist with the prevention and management of chronic diseases. 

Wipro is currently designing and building what it calls a “personal care engine” which will be fed with a patient’s health history, desired health state, and information on behaviour to provide recommendations on healthy ageing and making positive lifestyle changes. It is intended to help reduce an individual’s risk of having cardiovascular diseases and associated neurodegenerative illnesses.

The research team tied up with CBR to serve as its trial site for the AI model.

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