This Complete Solar Generator Set Is 41% off at Amazon

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THANKS TO SOLAR-powered generators, your backcountry camping adventures don’t have to go without modern creature comforts. Devices like the EcoFlow River 2 can charge your phone, tablet, and laptop, allowing you to relax after a strenuous day of hiking. You can even use it to power a projector and enjoy a movie under the stars. And right now, the River 2 solar panel package is a wild 41 percent off at Amazon, allowing you to keep your devices powered for less.

Ecoflow River 2 with 160W Solar Panel

River 2 with 160W Solar Panel


The River 2 is a small but mighty power station that offers 600 watts of output power. That’s enough to run six essential appliances simultaneously, according to EcoFlow, giving you ample options to power your devices during a power outage or while camping. The 256-watt-hour battery can run a standard 10-watt lightbulb for up to 20 hours or recharge a modern laptop over three times. And it only takes an hour to replenish the River 2’s battery using an AC outlet. You can also plug the accompanying EcoFlow solar panel, which folds out from a carry-friendly design and weighs just 15 pounds, to fully recharge the River 2 in just over two hours.

Despite its power, the River 2 generator itself is also light—EcoFlow compares it to the weight of a household cat. At 7.7 pounds, the power station is easy to transport, whether you’re carrying it around your home or campground. The beauty of devices like the River 2 is they don’t produce fumes and require no maintenance. That means it’s the perfect device for indoor use because it doesn’t produce dangerous carbon monoxide, unlike gasoline-powered generators.

EcoFlow’s app allows you to control and monitor the River 2 from afar. For example, you can view the power station’s charging levels and customize its settings. Additionally, EcoFlow claims you can charge the River 2 from empty to full over 3,000 times before its capacity drops to 80 percent. That translates to a long lifespan for the device, meaning you can rely on it for years.

EcoFlow has an entire lineup of solar-powered generators for use during emergencies and camping trips. The EcoFlow Delta, one of our favorite models, is also on sale at Amazon if you want more power. It weighs only 30 pounds and features a 1,260-watt-hour battery for more robust home backup power.


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